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Skin tightening issue

I am 26 My skin is dry my skin is loosing up n getting dull I have dark circles too. Which products I can use? I hardly use any make up or any skin care products?


Re: Skin tightening issue

Hi Aneesa1207,


What products are you currently using for your dry skin? We should start off with skincare first and then pick an appropriate foundationSmiley Happy

<3 Melissa

Re: Skin tightening issue

Hi Melissa, Thank you so much for replying. Well I just use Dove soap and I do apply Dove Shea butter body lotion daily after taking shower. Even I use minimal make up only once a while. I just like my natural look.


Re: Skin tightening issue

So you're using body soap & body moisturizer on your face? Body soap can be very drying & stripping to the skin & body moisturizer is too rich/heavy. 

Re: Skin tightening issue

some skin issues can improve by increasing water and more fresh fruits/veggies in your diet and less sugar, fat, salt. I know that when I eat more junk food my skin looks more dull.

Re: Skin tightening issue

You could be really dehydrated. When you get dehydrated your skin begins to lose elasticity or stress can also take a real toll on your skin. The dark circles either come from heredity, lack of sleep or stress. Just try to stop and look at your eating, and eating routines to see if those might be the reasons your skin is going crazy on you and always drink plenty of water every day that will help a ton. Hope this helps!Smiley Happy

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