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Skin Care Routine

So if  have combination to oily skin in the Summer but combination to dry skin in the Winter, do I just use the same skin care products (all for combination skin) all year long!? Help please. 

Re: Skin Care Routine

I am in the same boat as you; I definitely need to change up my skincare routine depending on the season. During the summer I use this has a lightweight formula which hydrates and is great for layering under makeup or wearing at night. It gets into the skin but doesn't sit on top of it, which is great for summer when you want hydration but don't want an oily complexion.


For colder weather, I use this formula is also great for wearing under makeup and overnight. It has a thicker (but still smooth) consistency, so it tackles dryness during the colder times of the year and definitely hydrates.

Re: Skin Care Routine

I'm so glad you replied! I use Clinique for my everyday skincare routine so this is great! Do you wear foundation primer after you apply this or no?

Re: Skin Care Routine

LOL thanks.


For cold weather I wear Tarte Poreless primer. The consistency is thick enough to fill in pores and lines and smooth out my skin, but light enough to feel like I'm wearing nothing when I apply using my fingers, the warmth of my hand melts the product in perfectly. IT covers up the dry flakes of skin so they don't protrude through my foundation.


For warmer weather, I use  Makeup Forever HD primer. It is perfect for hot weather and oily skin concerns because it is very light and doesn't suffocate my skin. The formula is great with any liquid foundation or BB cream I have used.


They are both clear primers so they don't conflict with the shade of your skin or foundation and can sink into the lines you want to hide without making creases.

Re: Skin Care Routine

thanks much! so helpful!

Re: Skin Care Routine

I always wear primer over my moisturizer Smiley Happy


Sorry I forgot to include that in my reply.

Re: Skin Care Routine

Hi BeautydollJuli,

If you feel like the products that you used during the summer are giving you enough hydration in the winter, then there's no need to switch.  But if you feel like you could use a little more moisture, you can always switch from a lotion to a cream, or add a few drops of Josie Maran Argan Oil to your normal moisturizer.  The Nude ProGenius™ Treatment Oil is great too! Smiley Happy -Laura



Re: Skin Care Routine

Hey Smiley Happy


I'm exactly like you! I'm combination/oily in the Summer and like knadala, I use the Moisture Surge from Clinique then. 


In the Autumn, I use the Clarins HydraQuench Cream-Gel. I also tend to step up my serum to a more hydrating one, such as the Caudalie SOS Thirst Quench Serum!


In the Winter, I go even more intense with the hydration and use the Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Cream. 



You most definitely need to use products that suit your skin. I think the important thing is to listen to it! If in the Autumn/Winter, your skin feels tighter and flakes, you need to add more moisture! 

Re: Skin Care Routine

I have the exact same problem with my skin. I use same/similar skincare products throughout the year. 

I'm not very loyal to one skincare line or brand, but the general idea stays the same. 

I use a good moisturizer that is oil free in the morning because I'm going to wear makeup anyways, and I use either a face oil or night cream that contains good oil at night. because I get oilier if I don't moisturize and break out Smiley Sad 

I'm trying out different products that is organic from iherb, but I do love Fresh's Seaberry oil, Tarte purple oil, Ole henriksen's vitamin (green cover) moisturizer, and many others that I buy at whole foods 

Re: Skin Care Routine

I have two separate routine mostly cuz I like trying new things and have too much stuff (50+ untouched skincare item waiting). Unless the change in your skin is drastic, you can prob keep everything the same and just switch up the moisturizer (Ex. from Clinique moisture surge gel in the summer to Ole Henriksen Sheer transformation in the winter).

Re: Skin Care Routine

I have oily/combo skin in the summer and combo in the winter.  I'm not as oily as I used to be, but my skin is still acne-sensitive so I am very careful when it comes to switching skincare/ makeup. 


In the winter, I keep the same cleanser, toner, and moisturizer for my morning routine and wear a foundation to protect my skin from the cold wind (summertime I wear BB creams and tinted moisturizers).  At night, I use the same cleanser, toner, moisturizer but I might add Caudalie Divine Oil or Josie Moran Argan Oil.  I may also opt for a heavier moisturizer that won't break me out.

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