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Since when is a packing slip not a receipt?

I hate to be one of those people who say I'm never shopping at Sephora again Blah blah blah. But I have just had the most HORRID experience at my local SIJCP store. I recently bought the Kat Von D lock it tattoo foundation online (42 no longer available in stores). Needless to say this foundation did not play nice with my dry skin so I headed to my local sephora packing slip in hand to return/find something different. However the associate wouldn't let me do it!! She was so snotty and rude to me I almost cried right there at checkout. I gave her my reciept and the foundation (still in the box) and she asked for my license and proceeded to tell me it wouldn't accept my return because I have returned too many items with no receipt.(she was acting so superior like I was some kind of clepto or scum of the earth) What?? Imagine my confusion because 1. I did in fact have my receipt in hand and 2. I have never returned something without the packing slip. She proceeded to inform me that the PACKING SLIP IS NOT A RECIEPT and therefore had to be processed as a return with no reciept. SInce I am not near a free standing sephora every online order I return goes back to this SIJCP store. SO needless to say I was unable to complete the return. I was so humiliated I turned and high tailed it out of there and didn't even get to redeem my $15 off of $50 that expires today. Up until now I have been a loyal Sephora customerr because of their generous return policy and I could have confidence that if I ordered something online and the product didn't work for me I could bring it back. Apparently is no longer the case..... Sorry for the super long rant, but I'm just so upset right now Smiley Sad

Re: Since when is a packing slip not a receipt?

Good to know. I haven't really paid attention to what exactly the SA was doing with my DL when I have handed it to him/her. I thought it was to verify my identity but now I wonder. I'll be sure to make sure they're entering my name and not the license number but rather the store number.

Re: Since when is a packing slip not a receipt?

this happened to me today at a JCP Sephora. Totally mortified. I typically do my online Sephora purchase returns at JCP Sephora...had no idea that even though I was always returning with my receipt/packing list that they were all still being categorized as returns w/o receipt. (They have scanned my DL every time.)  Ugh. 


Re: Since when is a packing slip not a receipt?

A few months ago I tried to return an item at a JCP Sephora that I had purchased online about a week prior (I had the full receipt and delivery slip, I even had the box that the product originally came in); they told me that they DO NOT do returns from online orders at all; even if I have a receipt; that I have to take it to a regular Sephora store. 


I then asked if I could just get store credit and the answer was NO, and that I had to travel to a regular Sephora if I wanted to return it or even get store credit.  At first I thought Sephora had made some changes to their return policy so I was very hesitant to purchase anything at all, but reading all these posts I know I'm not alone. 


They really need to change this,  I can return and/or exchange any opened or unopened makeup products at any drugstore with absolutely no problem with or without receipt; and for the price I'm paying at Sephora it should be better than this.

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