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Should I apply sunscreen underneath my BB cream (BB cream already has SPF 25)?



I currently use a BB cream with SPF 25 PA++ in it. Should I apply sunscreen underneath it? I've used the Shiseido sunscreen SPF 50 alone and I like it.


The biggest reason why I don't wanna switch over to a higher SPF BB cream is because I love everything about this BB cream I'm using - its more-natural formula / less chemicals, coverage, long-lasting, etc.


I leave the house to work at 8am, work in an office and don't leave until 5pm or so. By 5pm, I'm sure the SPF in my BB cream can no longer protect me from UV rays.


What should I do to protect my skin? Should I reapply my BB cream before I head home from the office?


Appreciate your opinions! Smiley Happy



Re: Should I apply sunscreen underneath my BB cream (BB cream already has SPF 25)?

Well I don't think you need to apply more sunscreen in the morning. Just about all sunscreen needs to be aplied after so many hours to be affective anyways. Unless your working outside all day I wouldn't even worry about applying. Especially during the winter if you work indoors by the time you get out it's evening and your not likely to have to worry about sun damage (heck where I live it's dusk at that time) . Though if you are really worried about it I would suggest buying some face powder with SPF in it, so you can reapply through out the day. I'm not really sure what Sephora brands to recomend for that though because  I've only ever used the Physicians Formula Healthy Wear SPF 50 pressed power and so far  I haven't i had any sunburn even after being outside all day (and I'm pale). So If I were you I'd look for something similar if you don't like the brand I use. It would be much easier to touch up with than a liquid if nothing else. 


Re: Should I apply sunscreen underneath my BB cream (BB cream already has SPF 25)?

I would still advise using a sunscreen underneath or at least a day lotion with SPF as a BB cream is still classified as a cosmetic grade product rather than a skin care specific product.


Cosmetics infused with SPF are wonderful, but you hardly wear enough to build up that actual layer of SPF the product provides.


Little known fact, for your face, the proper amount of sunscreen to use to give full SPF coverage of a product is half a teaspoon.


With BB creams, foundations, and even powders that are fortified with sun protection, you really won't be caking on enough to give that full coverage of UV protection.


Try to use a fluid or thinner SPF formulation like ones from La Roche Posay, they absorb quickly, don't leave a residue, and layer well under make up. Also SPF levels don't add up, so if you have a Shiseido sunscreen at SPF 50 and then use your BB cream at 25, it doesn't mean you have on SPF 75, SPF will only go to the highest amount/level you have, bringing you back down to 50.


Sunscreen starts to break down within 90-120 minutes in constant sun and heat, if you're in the water, sweating, or physically exerting yourself constantly it breakds down faster and will only last anywhere from 45-90 minutes. If you work in an office, you're not exposed to as much UV rays, giving the product a slower time frame to break down. Try to keep a sunscreen spray handy that you can mist on over your make up as to not disrupt it or keep a powdered, mineral sunscreen like the ones from Peter Thomas Roth on hand to dust over your complexion before you have to drive home and face the sun setting.

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