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Sephora Disney Princess Collection?!

Hello hello lovelies! 

So by the title of this convo I'm sure you can tell Im going to be asking about the Sephora Disney Princess collection! I am a super big disney princess and makeup fan, so of course when Sephora launched the Cinderella collection I had to **bleep** up all those goodies Smiley Happy 

I have heard rumors however that there will be two more disney princess collections and I am going crazy with anticipation of wondering which princesses they will be and when they will come out. I have heard such rumors that Ariel and Jasmine will be the two, since those are the two princesses who's movies are being released on blu-ray next. Does anyone know if this is true? And if so, when?! 

Thanks so much! Smiley Happy

Re: Sephora Disney Princess Collection?!

I just saw a few cinderella and jasmine items reposted for purchase.


I grabbed up one of the jasmine eyeliner sets..

Re: Sephora Disney Princess Collection?!

I just snatched all three quads. I am really crossing my fingers that they bring back the full size palettes!

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