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Sephora Disney Princess Collection?!

Hello hello lovelies! 

So by the title of this convo I'm sure you can tell Im going to be asking about the Sephora Disney Princess collection! I am a super big disney princess and makeup fan, so of course when Sephora launched the Cinderella collection I had to **bleep** up all those goodies Smiley Happy 

I have heard rumors however that there will be two more disney princess collections and I am going crazy with anticipation of wondering which princesses they will be and when they will come out. I have heard such rumors that Ariel and Jasmine will be the two, since those are the two princesses who's movies are being released on blu-ray next. Does anyone know if this is true? And if so, when?! 

Thanks so much! Smiley Happy

Re: Sephora Disney Princess Collection?!

@beautytester me too! Smiley Happy I have the Cinderella mirror and love it, so I MUST have the Jasmine! SO pretty I can't wait to see it in person.

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Sephora Disney Princess Collection?!

The Jasmine one is so pretty!

Re: Sephora Disney Princess Collection?!

I'm so excited that the new collection is out!! I wonder who the next princess is going to be. Is it true though that they're only doing a total of 3 princesses??? That would be terrible, it's like a tease! I have a feeling Ariel will be the next princess, but what about Belle?? and Snow White?? I hope that due to popularity they decide to do more than just 3 princesses. Super excited to receive my Jasmine palette and mirror, it's already on its way! =oD

Re: Sephora Disney Princess Collection?!

I've heard from numerous sources that Ariel is going to be the next princess with her own collection! The Little Mermaid is being released on a new blu-ray combo pack type of promo so this is why the majority of the talk is that she will be the next one. I really hope so because she is my favorite! Smiley Very Happy


Re: Sephora Disney Princess Collection?!

I wish I could have bought mirror compacts but they sold out online before I could get one. So I called the store and when they receive them, they're going to put some on hold for me. Smiley Very Happy

Re: Sephora Disney Princess Collection?!

I am a littl dissapointed overall at this collection actually Smiley Sad Dont get me wrong its a gorgoues concept and the overall products are beautiful, but I still cant understand why some of the products are so over priced! I mean, $42 for an eyeliner set?! Thats truly the only thing I wanted...but now Im not sure I can even justify the purchase :/ Doe's anyone else have the same feelings, or is it just me?


Re: Sephora Disney Princess Collection?!

I'm sure the price tag comes along with the fact that it is limited edition so the fact that the items won't be around forever pushes purchases more.


I was a little shocked at the price of the liner set as well.


Have you tested the quality in stores yet?

Re: Sephora Disney Princess Collection?!

I am planning on going to test them in store tomorrow; ill do some swatches and let you guys know of my opinion if you'd like Smiley Happy 

Re: Sephora Disney Princess Collection?!

That works out to ~$14 per eyeliner, so about the same price as Tarte, MUFE, Too Faced etc. I hear the quality is decent, but not sure if it is worth the price.


I'm sure majority of it is the packaging/story/image, which is why I decided to get the mirror. =X. but the quality doesn't seem to be as good as the Cinderella one. =/

Re: Sephora Disney Princess Collection?!

I spoke with staff at Sephora yesterday and they said Ariel is confirmed to be next and should be out around June. They are also think Belle is next. Hope this helps!

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