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Hi guys! I have a little trouble getting tan during the summer. I am Irish and Italian but it seems that I have more of the Irish skin :-/. I am looking for a good self-tanner that lasts long and doesn't streak. I was researching the Tarte Brazilliance Skin and the Lancome Leg Gel. My legs are my primary focus because I'm assuming I have low levels of melatonin since I tend to have more whiteness and even some white spots after I burn. If any of you have tried either or product, I would appreciate your honest review! Sometimes, you can't always believe the reviews you see for products on websites.


Side note: I have tried St. Tropez in the past and it did not work for me. It comes out very streaky and orange, so I was not impressed. I have also tried the drugstore Jergen's Natural Glow - worst smell ever!!!!


P.S. I would not mind any recommendations on good body exfoliants and lotions to use prior to self-tanning, as it is very helpful and important to avoid streaks. I ran out of the exfoliant I use from LUSH! and am too far to make a casual trip there to buy more. Thanks for any help! Smiley Happy

Re: Self-tanner

Hi Mary092!


I have pretty fair skin too- looks like I took the German side of the family that makes me pretty pale nowadays!


I recommend you try a sugar based scrub like the Fresh Sugar Body Polish- salt scrubs can sometimes dry out the skin but sugar will help to retain a bit more moisture.



Another favorite of mine is the Origins Ginger Body Scrub which also has natural sugars and is super yummy smelling!



Try the Lancome Leg Gel- it's got a coloring to it so you can see where you're applying it and it absorbs easily onto the skin without being streaky.




I've used it a few times when I was first getting into self tan. Once I got comfortable with that I moved onto the Kate Somerville Somer360 Towelettes which are great for a bit deeper tan that is streak free and NOT orange!




Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Self-tanner

Once I get comfortable with my tan, I will definitely try those towelettes! Do they offer these as samples or travel-size by any chance?

Re: Self-tanner

Hi Mary092!


One of my favorite body scrubs to use before self tanning is Soap & Glory's The Scrub of Your Life. I actually just purchased my 3rd tube of this. It smells amazing and it doesn't dry out my skin. This body scrub is completely oil-free, so it will not interfere with the development of your self tan. Smiley Wink


One of my favorite self tanners to use on my legs is Sephora Collection's Tinted Self-Tanning Body Mist. This self tanner is very natural looking and will leave your skin feeling soft. It also does not have a traditional self tanner scent, which I really appreciate! 

<3, Randee

Re: Self-tanner

I just purchased both these products and gave it a try - success!!! Thank you so much Smiley Happy

Re: Self-tanner

The Sephora mist works well! The Tarte Brazilliance should work well for legs, but caused a breakout on my face (even the face-specific towelettes).

Re: Self-tanner

UPDATE: So after using the Sephora Collection's Tinted Self-Tanning Body Mist for a couple weeks, my opinion has changed. At first, it applied so evenly and I absolutely loved it! It also helped that I was in love with the color. But the last week it started coming out streaky, and that's with exfoliating and moisturizing. I didn't change my routine from when I first started using these products so I couldn't tell you why it's coming out streaky all of a sudden. However, I was browsing other threads and I noticed St. Tropez came out with a tanning mousse. I had a problem with the lotion version and mit for application, but I always loved the color I got after the fact. So I decided to give the St. Tropez mousse a try because it's said to distribute more evenly since it's not as thick as lotion, which is harder to evenly distribute. All I have to say is WOW! Looks like I'm going back to St. Tropez! No more streaks! Not to mention, the smell is a lot better than it was years ago when I first started using it Smiley Wink The only problem I have now, which I've always had in addition to the other issues, is that it doesn't tan the face good. So I will continue to use the rest of my Sephora tanning mist for my face since that comes out darker than St. Tropez and I never get streaks on my face.

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