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Self Tanner Question

Hey Ladies i need your help! I know nothing about self tanners, and have a question. I'm looking for something for the top half of my body for when i wear my dressy shirts. My face and neck are very tan cause i always wear T-Shirts, but my chest and upper arms are sooo pale in comparison! What could i do to make them match more for when i wear my low cut tops?? Would a bronzer help or a self tanner?? Thanks in advance!!

Re: Self Tanner Question

I would definitely do a self tanner. I would do tan towels or St. Tropez self tanner, the original wasn't dark enough for me and I'm pretty dark complected so you may want to look at their dark range also. Hope this helps!

Re: Self Tanner Question

Hsn has some awesome deals on Tan Towels but i just wasn't sure i needed them or how good they are. I will look into it! Thanks Beautylovingirl

Re: Self Tanner Question

@arielaaaaaaaa- They had a 23 piece collection for 29.00 but personally I think the Kate Somerville Tan towels have a better color.

Re: Self Tanner Question

Also I use Xen Tan Moracan Tan but and love it ! But I wasn't sure that you would want it because Sephora doesn't sell it. Sorry I had to start all these extra post but I can't edit for some reason.Smiley Happy

Re: Self Tanner Question

Lol no problem! I mostly buy from Sephora but every now and then if there is a good deal i shop elsewhere! Thanks for the suggestions!

Re: Self Tanner Question

You should give Vita Liberata pHenomenal self tanner a try! It's my absolute favorite and has replaced my former obsession with Xen Tan.


Long lasting and no weird scents or smell, and the color is amazing.


Hope this helps!

Re: Self Tanner Question

@fabulushdotnet- What do you like better about the Vita Liberata than you did about the Xen Tan? I'm very picky when it comes to products for my skin. Xen Tan always gives me just want I want and that's a gorgeous color.

Re: Self Tanner Question

I LOVE the new tarte self tanner. It gives me a nice dark color (dark enough for my PALE skin) and it just looks awesome. It lasts me about a week. Make sure you watch a few tutorials on youtube before you start self tanning. You have to exfoliate your skin before you use it, otherwise it will cling to your dry spots. If you're doing it on your arms, focus on your elbows. Legs, focus on your knee caps and also your ankles. Then you'll get a nice even tan Smiley Happy


I personally just like self tanner better because it gives me a better color. Bronzers would take forever to bronze up my skin enough plus you would have to do it everyday, which, lets just be honest.. would be a pain in the butt. Smiley Tongue


I hope you like self tanning! Smiley Happy

Re: Self Tanner Question

Thanks for all your suggestions! But if i am only going to use the Self tanner on my body will it look off from my face?. I don't want to tan my face anymore than it is i just want it to match. 

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