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Self Tanner Question

Hey Ladies i need your help! I know nothing about self tanners, and have a question. I'm looking for something for the top half of my body for when i wear my dressy shirts. My face and neck are very tan cause i always wear T-Shirts, but my chest and upper arms are sooo pale in comparison! What could i do to make them match more for when i wear my low cut tops?? Would a bronzer help or a self tanner?? Thanks in advance!!

Re: Self Tanner Question

It shouldn't. Since you have a tanner face you could start with a darker color in self tanner. If you're pretty tan in the face and your arms already, then you would just go for a darker color of self tanner. Then just put it on the places you need it. I don't self tan my face simply because I don't want it to clog my pores. I know there are products out there meant for the face and won't clog them, but I have such sensitive skin on my face that I don't want to risk it, so I just compensate with a darker foundation. So just put the tanner on your upper arms and chest if that's where you want it. Make sure you use a disposable glove or a mit like diana showed in one of her pictures because if you don't, your hands will get self tanner all over them and it's not the cutest look! Smiley Happy

Re: Self Tanner Question

Definitely try St Tropez, love their products. Always comes out a lovely natural bronzed colour.


Re: Self Tanner Question

Hi Arielaaaaaaa, 


Have you ever used a self tan before? I'd try out using a bronzer first (a body bronzer or applying a face bronzer with a big fluffy brush is the easiest way to start) and then if the shade is not what you want, or you would like something longer lasting, then move to a self tan or spray makeup.


I LOVE self tanners and have used pretty much every brand you can think of. My new favorite is the Vita Liberata because it is SO easy to use, dries in about a minute and doesn't transfer off. I tried the Phenomenal Tan becuase it lasts longer and it is instant color and looks amazing! Definitely worth a shot to try it out.





If you don't want a full self tan, try the Lorac Tantalizer or even the Guerlain Terracotta spray which are both very easy and give a bronze goddess glow but are easily washable. 






Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Self Tanner Question

@kd006- I agree about using bronzers first it seems like it takes forever just to get a stable color but that's just my opinion. To me if your pretty dark complected then self tanner is just easier.Smiley Happy

Re: Self Tanner Question

I loved tan towels. It had been awhile since I used them. I tried them after the St. Tropez made my back break out... Yes just my back...anyway, I am not sure if they changed something but I was SO orange from the Tan Towels. Sad to say I will not be buying those again. I am still on the hunt. I do love the Vita Liberata one that has been mentioned and have used a sample. It rocks. but dang .. The cost.... WOW.... So I am trying tofind something just as good but cheaper... Good luck on your hunt....OH and I have used the LORAC Tantalizer Gradual body.. I love it... my guy thinks the smell is bad..I would rebuy.

Re: Self Tanner Question

I went to my local sephora today to try to see if I could see some of the ones I have my eye on but they are all a complete mess. I didn't want to even touch them. I'm afraid to commit and buy an expensive one and then not like it! 

Re: Self Tanner Question

I'm with Diana on the VIta Liberata tanner!  I love that it lasts sooooo long!  My other favorite is the St Tropez Bronzing Mousse.  It dries quick & lasts for days!  Also, don't forget to pick up a tanning mitt to help with even application & to keep your hands clean  Smiley Happy


St. Tropez Tanning Essentials - Self Tan Bronzing MousseSt. Tropez Tanning Essentials - Tan Applicator Mitt


xo, Mia

Re: Self Tanner Question

I think when i decide to purchase one it will be either the St. Tropez mouse or TanTowels. I think i would prefer the convenience of the Tan Towels, since they are individually wrapped and all. 

Re: Self Tanner Question

Update, I ended up buying the BE Faux Tan for the Body. I have been using it for about a week. Not bad and at $26, not bad. It does not go on very dark. The "green" hue is similar to that of St. Tropez, so that is a plus. But since it did not go on real dark, it is hard to see where you have missed. So I am a little streaky. The LORAC one is much better for that. I will keep it though and I think I am going to go bite the bullet and get the Vita Liberta one.

Re: Self Tanner Question

I think if i get one it will be the Vita Liberta one!!! After doing some search i feel like that would be best! I've been looking into others but i don't think some will work for me cause i'm already a medium skin tone.

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