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Seeking Make-up Advice!

Hi! So I'm 13 (almost 14) and in 8th grade, going into 9th. My mom said that I'm getting older and should start wearing make-up evreyday. All of my friends do, but I'm not as confident with it. My mom is barely home to teach me and my sister is always busy so I can never ask. What do you reccommend I should use? I'm olive-tan skin colored, long black hair, REALLY dark brown eyes (they are said to be huge :/ ), and my skin is kinda oily. Sadly my face decided to breakout this month, just to add that in. Any tips?

Re: Seeking Make-up Advice!

I dont know what kind of mother tells her kid to start wearing makeup everyday at age 13. I believe that that sends a bad message and I dont agree with that. If my mom did that to me, I would have no self confidence without makeup and makeup wouldnt be any FUN for me. I'm sure you are stunning without it sweetheart. I dont feel comfortable giving makeup advice to someone who's barely a teenager. Wash your face before you go to bed, wear your sunscreen and drink lots of water. I want you to wear makeup because *you* want to, not because someone tells you to or because all of your friends are doing it. I didnt wear any makeup (aside from lipbalm and gloss) until I was 18-19 years old. Right now I am 24 and makeup/skincare is one of my passions. I enjoy reading about it, talking about it, looking at blogs/products online and in beauty magazines etc. If you dont like makeup or are not into it yet (some people will never be into it) then I dont want you to start wearing it.

Re: Seeking Make-up Advice!

I feel like if you don't need it girl, you don't need it. Unless you find it as a hobby/have fun with it. For me you don't need to wear makeup or much in highschool. I didn't start till I went into college. But I would recommend moisturizing your skin and taking good care of it. If you want to start, I would say tint moisturizer and eyeliner is really all you need. For any break outs, I like to use neosporin LOL. It works for me.

Re: Seeking Make-up Advice!

Just because everyone else did does not mean you should. I didn't wear make up until Senior year of high school. I am in my mid-20s and I wear make up once a week at most. A girl's beauty is not about how much make up you wear, but how you carry yourself (dress and behavior), and how you take care of yourself (healthy body, clear skin). As long as you got those down, you can rock the world.


Do not EVER feel pressured to wear make up. Since you are still growing/changing, too much make up can interfer with how your skin developes/ages. You have a whoooole long life ahead of you to experiment with make up, there's no hurry. The foundation of every single make up look and beautiful women is flawless skin, so start with a good skincare regimen and always wear SPF during the day now.


If YOU would like to start wearing make up, try a little lip gloss or concealer for the breakouts. Always remember, less is more (and simpler). There are plenty of youtube videos (also try SephoraTV) from where you can learn techniques to apply make up. My mother never wear make up, I learned everything online and can do make up as well as anyone (compliments from girls and attention from boys when I go all out, so I take that as confirmation). It just take practice. =)

Re: Seeking Make-up Advice!

Same heree. My mother didnt wear makeup and no one was around to teach me. I learned through youtube videos and self taught. I remember the first time I ever apply eyeliner and omg terrible. I had like panda eyes. 

Re: Seeking Make-up Advice!

Well, I thought that lips are obviously pink, so my first lipstick was a bright pink, which actually looked pretty good on me. However, the day I went to a make up counter, I got talked into buying this frosty brown lipstick by a Benefit sales associate. Only wore it once for a photo and after taking a look, never wore it again. I'm a light skinned asian, so....yeah, since then I've always done my own research with skincare/make up.


Also, peer pressure is so not the way to go, says the girl who shaved her eyebrows. Don't ask.

Re: Seeking Make-up Advice!

My mom has worn makeup for as long as I can remember but she never taught me anything about it. Everything I know I learned from watching youtube and reading beauty magazines. Right now, I'm the one teaching my mom about what colors/products work well for what skin type/color, what colors go together and what products are awesome. I'm 24, my mom's 45 and everything she has in her makeup drawer has either been bought by me or recommended by me. I taught her about expiration dates/logos, sunscreen..everything I learned on BT and youtube/online blogs etc. It baffles me that a woman who loves beauty so much didnt know that much about it. For example, she used to keep products until she used them up completely. Even if that meant using old, expired products that have been sitting in the bathroom for *years*. I changed her habits completely lol. When she bought the same 5 drawer organizer that I have, I helped her organize things which meant throwing away most of her makeup (old, dirty packaging etc) and drove her to Sephora when she got everything she needed, and then some.

Re: Seeking Make-up Advice!

The makeup decision is best left to the individual wearing it.  If you don't feel like wearing it every day, then you don't have to, it's your decision.  I do recommend if you have oily skin investing in some blotting papers, they do at least help keep the grease under control if you don't use an oil controlling odd or end.  Otherwise with the breakouts (hooray for hormones, right?) you just need to keep your face clean, and your hands away from your face, if you keep your pores clean, it will reduce breakouts from clogged pores, not much can be done about hormonal breakouts unless you see a dermatologist.


And if you decide to wear makeup, ask your friends how to apply it, and what they think HONESTLY of various colors.  They'll most likely know the newer trends for application and palettes and will be able to teach you how to do it yourself Smiley Happy  


Re: Seeking Make-up Advice!

YouTube videos can be your best friend! Find some girls with similar skin tone, skin type, and/or your style to get ideas and advice.

Re: Seeking Make-up Advice!

Couldn't agree more--YouTube videos and blogs have been MY best friend and really introduced me to the wide world of makeup.  I was never really "taught" how to apply makeup, so I relied heavily on blogs, tutorials, and reviews.   To this day, I still watch videos and learn new techniques/styles.


When searching in YouTube, just type "basic makeup tutorials" or "everyday makeup tutorials" and you should be able to find a few good ones.


Also, some sites that I really like are:


A model recommends

The Beauty Department


Hope this helps and best of luck!

Re: Seeking Make-up Advice!

I love pixiwoo Smiley Happy Do you watch pixi2woo? Tanya is amazing!

Re: Seeking Make-up Advice!

I agree with the posts below, YouTube is your best bet! My mom doesn't wear too much makeup and I don't have sisters, so I learned everything from YouTube and magazines Smiley Happy


Start off with things that you need, maybe some mascara, lip gloss and concealer. My favorite concealer to cover my blemishes is MAC's Studio Finish concealer. It's about $18 but will last you a few years. Since your skin is oily, blotting sheets are great (Boscia Lavender blotting linens are my fave and are only $5, I get mine at Ulta).


If your skin looks great, don't worry about wearing foundation or undereye concealers. The more natural you look, the better! Smiley Happy Ask for help when you're selecting your foundation/concealer shades so that you don't end up buying the wrong color.


For me personally, all I wore during middle school was lip gloss and then I started wearing mascara in high school. Since you're almost 14 and haven't been wearing makeup, it seems to me like you're beautiful already and don't need makeup! Be proud of your big brown eyes, they sound gorgeous! Smiley Happy



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