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Rosy cheeks and lips for fair bride..?

I'm desperate for any hint of advice. I'm looking for a seperate blush and a lipstick for my wedding look. I really want the look of pink/rosy lips and cheeks (like a blushing bride/pinched cheek look) but I just have no clue what to look for because I'm afraid I suck at matching my lip and cheek color. I'm good for the rest of my makeup except the blush and lip ordeal.


I tried the benefit benetint and I really love it but I rather just find a seperate blush and lipstick for the big day instead for easy touch ups.


If anyone can help me out because I'm driving myself kinda crazy haha. I just want a powdered blush and a moisturizing lipstick. I dont care much if I have to touch up.


But thank you in advance to anyone!

Re: Rosy cheeks and lips for fair bride..?

Hi Kittychole2  Congratulations on your upcoming wedding.  If you prefer powder, I would go with Lorac PRO Powder Cheek Stain in Rosy Glow.  It works well for fair skin because it is buildable, so depending on your preference, you can get a sheer wash or a deeper tone. It has a super smooth texture and is long-lasting as well. For lips, you want a sheer rose flush I love Laura Mercier Lip Colour in Bare Lips.  It build on your natural lip tone to enhance it.  For more color you can fill in your lips with a red or berry liner. For a more opaque shade, you can try Nars Dressed to Kill or Dior Rouge Dior LipcolorDaisy Plum 976.

Re: Rosy cheeks and lips for fair bride..?

I highly toss in my upvote for Laura Mercier's lip colors, they're amazingly moisturizing and give a beautiful finish with lush color.

Re: Rosy cheeks and lips for fair bride..?

as far as rosy lipsticks go i would highly reccomend this one, its kat von d in lolita. 


this is also a really good blush, but i really reccomend going to your nearest sephora and trying the makeup on to see what you'd like on your face, there are tons of pretty colors but not all of them look good on everyone.


good luck Smiley Happy



Re: Rosy cheeks and lips for fair bride..?

Thank you, keelybt!


Thank you for the discriptive, thoughtful reply. I'm totally loving the lorac blush and the laura mercier lipstick colors! Exactly what I'm wanting. I'm going to give them a try Smiley Happy THANK YOU!

Re: Rosy cheeks and lips for fair bride..?

FYI, Benefit makes a product called Pocket Pal, which is a dual ended applicator for Benetint and clear gloss, perfect for touching up lips and carrying Benetint around in a slim design rather than the full sized bottle!


It's found on Benefit's website and might still be carried at Ulta, I know Sephora discontinued it.

Re: Rosy cheeks and lips for fair bride..?

For fair skin, I would recommend the dior shimmer star in rose diamond.

the Laura mercier lip colors mentioned below are all fabulous. I also would recommend that you try out the ysl rouge volupte shine lippies...

Re: Rosy cheeks and lips for fair bride..?

There is a  website you can go to and look at all the different bridal looks there are quite a few and I know you want to look perfect on that very special day.Smiley Happy

Re: Rosy cheeks and lips for fair bride..?

Go watch Lisa Eldridge's video on brides.  She's on YouTube and does celebrities for Vogue, etc.  She is brilliant and really knows how to make the skin look for pictures and for you to actually look like YOURSELF (how profound!) on your best day ever.

Re: Rosy cheeks and lips for fair bride..?

Lylysa has mentioned some Laura Mercier colors in the lipsticks that would be perfect for what  you are looking for.

Re: Rosy cheeks and lips for fair bride..?

Haha, did someone say my name? Smiley Tongue


Sparkling Pink is my favorite go to shade, it might be a bit subtle if you're wanting something rosy (it's more a nude pink shade). The sheer variation from LM that Keely mentioned below work well too.

Re: Rosy cheeks and lips for fair bride..?

Yes I said your name chick and yes it's the Sparkling Pink that I was talking about I think that would be a great color for her.

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