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Rosacea - Skin Care

I have sensitive skin with rosacea.  What is the best skin care to use?


Re: Rosacea - Skin Care

I suggest taking a look at the Clinique Redness Solutions line -



Re: Rosacea - Skin Care

Hi kcjones49,


The Clinique Redness Solutions Line is a really amazing skincare line for sensitive skin with Rosacea.


Another terrific line for skin prone to redness, is the First Aid Beauty line. I highly recommend trying First Aid Beauty's Face Cleanser. This cleanser is extremely gentle and soothing.


In terms of a moisturizer, First Aid Beauty's Ultra Repair Cream is a terrific moisturizer for skin prone to rosacea. It has very calming ingredients in it and will not irritate your skin further.





Re: Rosacea - Skin Care

I wish I could say that the Clinique redness line helped my rosacea, which really gears up when the weather gets warm (I flush easily and have very reactive skin).   After trying it for several months, I'd say that it doesn't make my skin any worse, (ie. I don't react to it),  but I didn't see any improvements either. 


Cetaphil cleanser works just as well (for much less $$$), and I've also used Cetaphil face moisturizer.  There's also a new Neutrogena mild cleanser that foams up and washes off nicely.  I've also used Clarins cleanser (the one with Cottonseed), and my face doesn't react to that, and it cleanses well.  Be careful of any toners with alcohol in them.  The Clinique mild toner doesn't make my skin react, and leaves skin feeling super clean.


I think what's really important is to find a good sunscreen that you don't mind wearing every day (Clinique Citiblock 40 SPF is one of my faves, as is MAC base w/ 50 SPF).   You may have to hunt around for one that you like.


Also, I've tried and really like the new Clinique primers (the one in yellow is good for camouflaging redness).  It brings your skin back to neutral (from pink/red) -- but if I flush, I don't think there's anything that is going to camouflage it.   


I am new to the rosacea thing (once you hit 40 all kinds of things show up), but I'd also recommend to establish a relationship with a dermatologist.

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