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Revlon Primer dupe

My mom has been using the Revlon Photoready Perfecting Primer (001), and she really loves the performance of it, but she hates the bottle it comes in.  Apparently when it gets about half empty, the pump doesn't really work anymore, so she has to get somebody to muscle the cap off, and she's just done trying to deal with it.  She wants something exactly like that formula, but in a better container.

I don't know a lot about her skin - I think sometimes she deals with dryness, but she said her major concern is oil/shine control.

She already uses the Urban Decay setting spray in addition to the Revlon primer.  Any help?

Re: Revlon Primer dupe

If memory serves, this is a mattifying primer with a pink hue.  Smashbox makes a Photo Finish Primer with a pink hue that is recommended for oily skin. There is also the Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch Primer, which likewise has a pink hue and is highly rated by those with oily skin.  If the pink hue isn't that important to her, I'd recommend the Becca Ever-Matte, Too Faced Primed & Poreless, Hourglass Mineral Veil or the Sephora Anti-Shine Primer.

Re: Revlon Primer dupe

Thank you!  I think the pink is important... when she was telling me about it, she said that Revlon has "pink one" and a "white one" and she liked the pink one, and I didn't really know what she meant.

I really appreciate your help!  I'll look into the Smashbox and the Clarins.


Re: Revlon Primer dupe

The Smashbox primer that has a pink tint is the anti-aging one and the actual color of it doesn't really serve to neutralize or color correct much. The formula is infused with the Dermaxyl complex which helps to combat fine lines and wrinkles, plus it does contain SPF for added skin protection.


MUFE has a pink toned primer though:

MAKE UP FOR EVER - HD Microperfecting Primer


Both the MUFE and Smashbox Anti-Aging primer have a silicone base which does help to mattify and cut down on shine. The Benefit That Gal primer that Melissa suggested above is more lotion like and will contribute more to moisturizing rather than oil control.

Re: Revlon Primer dupe

Thanks Lylysa! I appreciate the input on the Benefit.  I think I'm leaning towards the Smashbox after reading all the reviews.

Re: Revlon Primer dupe

Hi Stacie,


Have her try the Benefit 'That Gal' Face Primer, its pink toned and its super easy to apply. You click the bottom of the product to dispense it.

We also have a mini set that includes all of Benefits primers:


Benefit Cosmetics You Go Gals!

Porefessional helps smooth out pores and fine lines and Girl Meets Pearl is a gold based primer.


<3 Melissa

Re: Revlon Primer dupe

I think Loreal Magic base is supposed to be similar.



Re: Revlon Primer dupe

Ooooh. .. thank you!  Ill definitely check that out!!!

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