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Returning Items

Should I feel bad to make 4 returns in store? I bought more then I should've at Chic week and came home to realize i didn't need a lot of it. I'm trying to save money and shouldn't have bought them. Nothing was opened and I haven't had problems with returning in my Sephora in the past, I just feel bad Smiley Sad 

On the other hand, looking for a new moisturizer. I have been using FAB Ultra repair cream for my dry skin, but as summer approaches my skin turns a bit more combo. I am looking for a moisturizer a little lighter weight then the one I have been using, Fragrance free, and safe for super sensitive skin. THANK YOU!!!

Re: Returning Items

Hi Everyone, 


It’s up to each store’s discretion how they handle returns. Please contact your local store for more specific returns information. Thank you.

<3 Melissa

Re: Returning Items

I returned something during Chic Week, technically I exchanged it for a concealer that was better suited for me. When I first bought a concealer based on one of the Sephora associates demonstrating on me, I thought it looked great, but then when I went to my car and looked closer, the concealer was really cakey, so I exchanged it for a less expensive one that worked way better. I never opened the first concealer, not even the box, and it was an easy return all around. You shouldn't feel bad about returning the items if you never used it. Actually you shouldn't feel bad if you are returning it and it has been used either! I think for questionable items, such as mascara, they might just toss it, and Sephora employees get dibs on it? The same goes for if you work for a beauty magazine, and they have stash of products that go unused. My guess is that they want you to take it.

Re: Returning Items

I feel the same way asdfgh. I purchased a crap-ton of products and got home and realized I really didn't need most of it or already had similar shades. I have returned quite a few purchases I've made online since the colors didn't really suit me person. I felt bad returning them and usually I have like 3-4 items each time so I feel like they are looking at me like "YOU SUCK". Oh well. It's like someone said, I'm a loyal customer and spend a lot of money here. If you need to return something then so be it.

Re: Returning Items

@Triciaann12 -


I do see where you're coming from.  I'm was staring at the stuff in my cabinets trying to figure out where the line should be drawn.  Pots of products should be tossed if not still in sealed plastic.  Things without seals like blushes or shadows I'm iffy on.  If it was lightly swiped with a brush you couldn't tell and the brush could've been dirty, but it would be a horrid waste to toss it if it's new.

It would be nice to have clarification on what gets tossed regardless of whether it "looks" used or not. 


I guess the point I was trying to make with clothes is that you try it on (or maybe you don't), put it in your car, bring it into your house...  To me it's no different than not knowing if my blush was touched by someone else.  If it looks ok and smells ok then it must be ok.


I apologize if my reply came across as a personal attack.  I did not mean it that way.  The amount of waste that goes on just makes me angry.  That some people still buy bottle water or don't recycle darn near makes me irate.  It's like, "Really?  Rinsing out that jug and putting it in a different bin is too much to ask of you?  Come here so I can kick you." 

Again, I meant nothing against you.  Just trying to provoke thought regarding wastefulness.

Re: Returning Items

I'm the same way! When I was in New York for the holidays (for almost a month), I was completely horrified (understatement) to discover that the family I was staying with doesn't recycle -- at all. My mind was so blown that, like a crazy person, I collected the recyclables from the trash (!) on the sly and snuck them out with me when I ran errands so I could dump them in a public recycling bin. Waste is out of control! My parents (who live in PA) have recycled since the late 80s/early 90s, but now that I live in California I think I'm even more hyperaware of these things. Anytime I'm outside the city and at a self-serve restaurant, I think, "What do you mean, you don't have three different trash bins!?!!" because I'm so used to seeing three (landfill / recycling / compost).

Re: Returning Items

We are such a society of consumerism.  I used to have drawers and drawers full of products that I'd use for a few weeks and buy something else.  Not only did I spend money I didn't have (on credit cards, still paying those off 6 years later!), I ended up with such a wasted pile of expensive items that I felt bad throwing them out, so I'd hang on to them, which was completely pointless.  Over the past year I have ended up cleaning out the containers and recycling them, because the products were expired.  I had to move past the guilt of buyer's remorse and choose to finally get rid of it all with the strong resolution NOT to get into that situation again.


I felt the only way for me to avoid that was not to buy it in the first place.


I recycle so much, I throw out less in the garbage every month.  When I lived alone, I'd fill a garbage bag once a month, but dumpy my recycling once a week.  I was appalled to find out my community (actually the northern HALF of my state) does NOT recycle GLASS!  They simply break it up and dump it in the land fill like everything else, despite having a drop off for glass.  I try not to buy food products in glass, but it is hard.  I've tried to reuse the glass containers, but I end up with so many.

Re: Returning Items

Just to point out, during my in store experiences we never re-sold any returned items that could be opened/touched, etc.  Every item was labeled and then returned to their vendors/companies to process the recycling/disposing process.


The only items we EVER (may have, im not even 100% sure if we DID resell them) were sealed items that were not and could not be opened but items like brushes or palettes that had plastic seals or shrink wrap. My store was extremely conscious of this to make sure no used or returned items were going back on the sales floor.


That being said, I'd recommend you contact your local store directly to see what info a cast member or manager can advise you of how their store handles the returns exactly! Smiley Happy  Rest assured we would definitely not sell used or damaged items unless it was entirely by accident. 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Returning Items

This is what I was kind of driving at in my above post -- we really are a consumerist society! I think if stores (both brick and mortar and online) had a no-return policy, or even a stricter return policy, it would drastically change how we think of shopping. I am definitely guilty of ordering multiple things online with the intention of not keeping them all. (I realize that online shopping presents a different challenge re: sizing, etc.) I know what you mean re: credit card debt, too!

Re: Returning Items

@melissabt -


Oh that's disturbing!  There should be standards!

Re: Returning Items

I'm with you -- I just feel bad. Personally, I only return in rare cases, because I'm too embarrassed; I'd rather give it to someone that I know will use it rather than have it go to waste (making it my own loss). When I have returned a used item, I have felt really wasteful (because they can't resell them, or probably even turn them into testers). In other countries (probably most others outside the US) -- you actually can't return cosmetics at all, which probably drastically changes your mindset while shopping. At Sephora stores in France, you can return, but there are much stricter time limits. I'm pretty sure you can only return for money back within 7 days; after that it's store credit, and beyond two months (or maybe 1 month), you can't return, period.


I think with a flexible return policy, people buy knowing that returning is always an option (I have been guilty of this myself, particularly with clothing -- because I always like to try it on at home). When I first moved to France, I learned the hard way that not all cultures operate like this. I had bought a dress that I took home to think about, and then decided to return it -- well, it just isn't done. I didn't make a fuss, but they were genuinely baffled as to why I was returning it if nothing was really wrong (i.e. not damaged / defective). Even if returns are not technically forbidden, they are not as common. When I complained to my French friend about it, she said, "Yeahh...we don't really do that. Why did you buy it if you weren't sure?" I think this is a uniquely American consumer mentality thing.


Apologies for going (semi) off topic...sometimes I just find these policies appalling (catering to the customer over being mindful of waste -- if indeed it does not get reused (not resold) in some form -- etc.).

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