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Returning Items

Should I feel bad to make 4 returns in store? I bought more then I should've at Chic week and came home to realize i didn't need a lot of it. I'm trying to save money and shouldn't have bought them. Nothing was opened and I haven't had problems with returning in my Sephora in the past, I just feel bad Smiley Sad 

On the other hand, looking for a new moisturizer. I have been using FAB Ultra repair cream for my dry skin, but as summer approaches my skin turns a bit more combo. I am looking for a moisturizer a little lighter weight then the one I have been using, Fragrance free, and safe for super sensitive skin. THANK YOU!!!

Re: Returning Items

@triciaann12- LOL! I know your mad but just breathe and we both will be praying that what we have purchased from Sephora no one has had before or I think that there will be alot of unhappy ladies. VERY UNHAPPY LADIES!

Re: Returning Items

I have always assumed that if the item was returned unopened, they would probably resale it.  However, most items have plastic safety seals so you know they have not been used.  I often wondered about items with broken seals and if they use them as samples in the stores. 


I have never had any problems with returns but feel guilty returning items after using them.  However, the items that I did return used were purchased online without previewing them. so I didn't feel quite as guilty.

Re: Returning Items

@Triciaann12 -



I see your point.. to a point. 


It would be incredibly wasteful for Sephora to toss everything that gets returned.  I questioned the staff at my store once after returning an expensive cream that didn't work for me.  I was hoping they would turn it into a tester or something but no, it gets destroyed for some of the very reasons that you sited.  Sealed products though are returned to stock or so I was told.


Do you question the clothing you buy?  There is no way of knowing whether someone returned a shirt or dress that is hanging in your closet right now.   Would you expect the store to burn the clothes because the person who returned it might be gross in any way, shape, or form?


I understand your concerns but in terms of sealed products having an item that was returned is really no different than not knowing how long it was sitting on a shelf. 

Re: Returning Items


Re: Returning Items

Okay I get where you are coming from but you just need to breathe lol.


If there isn't a seal I'm sure it is not put on the shelf. Last year I went into a sephora going to buy the dior rose diamond highlighter. Took it off of the shelf. Paid for it. Got to my car. Was so excited, so I opened it. Then I realized it was the pressed powder. NOT the product I wanted. It was put on the wrong spot. I did not swatch the product. Did not touch it. Opened it and saw it was not what I had thought it was. I went straight back in and exchanged it for the product I did want. I would be mad if they had just threw that product away because it didn't have a seal on the box. All I did was open the compact. The film was not moved at all over the top of the powder. If someone threw that away, I would have been mad because that is a waste of a $40 product. And you could see from my receipt that it had been 10 minutes since I purchased it. If they were to throw away every return they got, they wouldn't be making money. If you are very concerned about it, just spray your cosmetics down with alcohol. It kills all the germs that may have come in contact with a product. It is what all makeup artists do with their makeup after they work on a client.


Also, all kinds of people open products if there is no sample of a product just to look at it. Anything in packaging that doesn't have a seal could have been touched by any costumer just being an idiot and opening products without purchasing them.


Like I said, just spray your cosmetics down with alcohol. It does not ruin your makeup at all. I do it about every 2 weeks because I do have very mild acne and just don't want any bacteria in my products.

Re: Returning Items

I've never returned anything to Sephora because I play with testers in store/ask for samples first. Plus, I've seen how the cashiers treat other customers that wanted to return an item, and the *attitude* towards the customer was borderline shameful. If I got treated like that, I would *never* come back. I *think* that all returned items get sent back to the manufacturer, they don't get used as testers, they don't get thrown away. That's what I was told once. I don't know whether Sephora gets their money back when they do that, who knows, but I think they do if they are allowing that many returns.


Sure, not everything has a seal, but if something were used I would know. Because once its used once, you can tell. Like with mascara, it takes a couple of pumps to get the mascara on the brand new wand. Of the dozens and dozens of items I bought from Sephora for either myself, or for friends/family, I've never questioned that what I bought was ever used because everything I bought and opened was brand brand new and shiny. No finger prints, nothing. Most packaging leaves fingerprints or some sort of evidence that its been used and I've never had that sort of experience.

Re: Returning Items

Agreed. With mascara, usually you get mascara on the stopper where you pull out the brush whenever you use it the first time. So you can easily tell if anyone has used it because there would be mascara there. As for powders, you can tell if a brush hit the powder. Usually there would be dust from the powder on the compact mirror or in the packaging that normally wouldn't be there. For foundations, you would see foundation on the pump (most brands sephora carries do have pumps). Usually you would just be able to tell if it was used. Idk I just feel like I would be able to tell pretty easily whether or not it had been used. Sephora I'm sure has higher standards than drugstores and doesn't just put it back on the shelf. That would probably be like some kind of health code violation I would think.

Re: Returning Items

Exactly. Even drugstores don't just put things back on the shelf. Maybe they get thrown into the clearance bin for a super low price IF it hasn't been used. I've seen customers at drugstores/any store really open the packaging, just to see how big the item is or what kind of packaging it comes in, but they usually put it back the way it was. Some people, actually open and USE the item (GAWD!) but I can always always  tell if a lipstick has been swatched on someones hand, and not all lipsticks, drugstore or not, have a safety seal.

Re: Returning Items

Omg that makes me cringe just hearing it because I seriously.. Ugh. Drugstores just freak me out. I shop at CVS once in awhile (I really barely buy drugstore items anymore). But when I do, I always grab the item that is the farthest back on the shelf hoping no one has touched it! But drugstore IS a lot better having seals on their products. Most foundations have a sticker or the little pull tab on the side or cardboard packaging. Wet and wild products all have the safety sticker on the front. Just because they know it is a problem with their products getting tampered with.

Re: Returning Items

Also, you were just my 100th heart!! So thank you!! haha. (Seriously smiling lol... it's the little things in life..) Smiley Happy

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