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Returning Items

Should I feel bad to make 4 returns in store? I bought more then I should've at Chic week and came home to realize i didn't need a lot of it. I'm trying to save money and shouldn't have bought them. Nothing was opened and I haven't had problems with returning in my Sephora in the past, I just feel bad Smiley Sad 

On the other hand, looking for a new moisturizer. I have been using FAB Ultra repair cream for my dry skin, but as summer approaches my skin turns a bit more combo. I am looking for a moisturizer a little lighter weight then the one I have been using, Fragrance free, and safe for super sensitive skin. THANK YOU!!!

Re: Returning Items

Thanks for hearing us all out!! I just surprised by the way the girl opened up all of the boxes and unscrewed all of the caps. I too would be protective of my store Smiley Happy I was thinking the associates get to keep some of the stuff! perks?! Smiley Wink

Re: Returning Items

@Ramieee when the cast members open the items or unscrew the caps it is to check how much of the product is used since some clients will try to return empty or almost entirely used up products which is against our policy. Smiley Happy

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Returning Items

Oh! Duh!! Hahaha!! 

But on the other hand I hope ppl won't take advantage of this generous return policy and ruin it for others! That's so disgusting to return fully used items. 

Re: Returning Items

@drrragon - If you search "TSB" you'll find threads for the 4 or so we did in the VIB boards.


To give you a quick idea though -

One person will load up a box with new or gently used makeup and skincare (full, deluxe, and sample-sized) and send it to the next person on the list.  That person will choose a few items and replace them with items of equal or greater value.  This continues until the box reaches the end and goes back to the original person.  The starter of the box then chooses a few things to keep and takes the rest to a charity. 

If you click on my profile I have a pic of a bunch of bags on my bed.  That's what was donated from TSB 4!

Re: Returning Items

I remember the days of TSB on Facebook. I never got 2 boxes and I remember one girl was notorious for taking a lot of items, and only putting in one drugstore product back in. I stopped after that. Are they still around? 


Re: Returning Items

When I started looking for a foundation at the beginning of the year, I bought Tarte's Amazonian Clay Foundation. It looked great the first week and then I started to break out. So, back to the store it went. Ever since then, I try not to make returns unless I am highly unsatisfied with my purchase. I will visit the Sephora stores near me to ask for samples of products on my shopping list so that I can try them and see if they will break me out or not. 


I have also had issues with skin matching in the store with foundations, so I definitely ask for samples to try at home. I recently bought Kat Von D's Lock it Tattoo Foundation and when I got color matched, the foundation color looked great in store. I come home and wear it only to see that it was way orange and too dark on my face. I haven't had a chance to return it, but I will probably do so today. 


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