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Returning Items

Should I feel bad to make 4 returns in store? I bought more then I should've at Chic week and came home to realize i didn't need a lot of it. I'm trying to save money and shouldn't have bought them. Nothing was opened and I haven't had problems with returning in my Sephora in the past, I just feel bad Smiley Sad 

On the other hand, looking for a new moisturizer. I have been using FAB Ultra repair cream for my dry skin, but as summer approaches my skin turns a bit more combo. I am looking for a moisturizer a little lighter weight then the one I have been using, Fragrance free, and safe for super sensitive skin. THANK YOU!!!

Re: Returning Items

Thanks for sharing this katie! I really hadn't thought about how it could be a cultural thing. I do the same thing with clothing since I despise trying things on at the store...especially on my "bloated" days >.<. It may help me save money if I knew I had to be sure of my purchase which would totally cancel out any online ordering. 

Re: Returning Items

I would feel a lot better about returning make up if I knew that Sephora was donating it to charity and not throwing it away. I would even be happy to sign a liability waiver if that's what they're worried about.


There are all sorts of organizations that accept used make up and who distribute it to low-income families and women's shelters...,, are just a few.


Re: Returning Items

@krunce - I would love it if Sephora donated used/returned items!  Awhile back we had a few Traveling Sephora Boxes going on and that's what we did at the end of the box.  The two I started went to The Lydia House in Omaha.  Many times those women leave without much more than what they have on their backs.  I think all of us can attest to how much a new lipstick can brighten your mood and how much more confident you feel when you look nice!

Re: Returning Items

@kalex -- what's this about a traveling sephora box?  that sounds so interesting!

Re: Returning Items

I wonder if this is a liability issue, though. I once witnessed my local Bruegger's toss what seemed like 100 bagels (and garnish, like tomatoes, etc.) in the trash at the end of the day. I think they were the "next day" bagels that didn't sell -- and I asked why they couldn't be donated. The employee said it was for legal reasons / liability. I'm wondering if Sephora cannot (or wouldn't) donate the used items for the same reason (though that would certainly be better than tossing them!).


I used to love participating in TSBs -- I'm glad everything went to a good cause Smiley Happy

Re: Returning Items

If you didn't use or open anything, I wouldn't feel bad returning it.  You are doing what is right for you in trying to save money.  I've had a few times where I bought on impulse, got home and felt like smacking myself because I shouldn't have bought it.  I return items, as long as they aren't worn or open.  Even though many places take opened/tested makeup, I just can't bring myself to return it in that case.


It happens all of the time.  You don't need to provide an explanation, and no need to feel bad.  Especially not with such a large company that deals with returns and such all the time.  I tend to feel bad if I buy from a small business or off of etsy on an impulse buy moment, and then regret it.  I usually take the financial hit in that case, unless it was truly of poor quality, but I read reviews and research like mad before I buy so that's a rarity.

Re: Returning Items

For my local Sephora, if its a mascara that's being returned, whether new or used it get damaged out. I heard the cast member telling the trainee that.  As far as other items - not sure, but they do ask if its used and those get a sticker and put in a bin.


It's a great idea to give unwanted new items and samples to a charity. 2 years ago I had so many samples accumulated and new products from kits that I just didn't use I gave them to a friend of mine who does a local version of "toys for tots idea" And brings toys for the kids and holiday dinners to the less fortunate families in our area. She made up beauty bags/baskets for the Moms and teenage girls.  I gave 3 Medium sized Sephora bags of stuff to her.  I thought it was so nice and I was happy to contribute to a good cause! 

Re: Returning Items

@dianabt- If your assuring us on used or damaged goods not being sold then why would we need to contact our local stores? If the rule is in place in one store then it should be enforced in all stores especially for consumer safety. God only knows what some people have and can spread to someone else by using the lipstick or mascara's. You mouth and eyes are the fun park for germs.  I may have to rethink the whole Sephora thing after this conversation.

Re: Returning Items

Have you ever worked in customer service before?


I'm just curious because I worked the returns desk of a major home improvement company (not giving the name because I still work there) and it is literally impossible to have a set standard for every store.


Even throughout my store, we are all one company, but we compete with each other for sales just as if we didn't all have the same name.


Many places have different policies depending on the general management. Returns are processed differently and rules are different for each location. Sometimes there are laws that prevent certain states doing certain things with items being returned. Someone can take a return to my store that I deny them to return and then go up to the store 20 miles away and try to return it and they could take it back. You just never know. People interpret policies differently, and at least at my company, general management gets the final word.


I don't mean to be rude, I'm just showing a different side to the story of why you would need to contact your local sephora. I don't mean to be mean!! Smiley Happy

Re: Returning Items

Edited because I'm having trouble posting to this thread =p 


@beautylovingirl I understand what you mean, my apologies for my wording! I just meant that any questions about how exactly the items are disposed of/returned to the vendors/recycled should be directed to the stores since we do not have this specific information on where the items go once they are stickered as returns.

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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