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Received Incorrect Change In Store?

I was picking up some Christmas presents at my local JCP Sephora on Thursday. I bought the Tarte Lash set and then the JCP Sephora Favorites Lip set - total would of been $53. I used my $15 off $50 coupon, and then I had a $10 gift card, so my total came out to about $30 incl. tax. I paid with a $100 bill.

Problem is my change was $15 short. I didn't notice until I got home. The store was really busy and the cashier didn't count out my change (she seemed new? She rung me up at $100 the first time somehow...) I stuffed my money back in my wallet and left.

It says the correct change on the receipt but that's not what I got...

Am I out of luck and just count it as lesson learned and pay with smaller bills? Or is there anything I can do?

Re: Received Incorrect Change In Store?

you need to contact the store and let them know. they can't do anything for you here online about it. they will probably take a report and check to see if the change drawer was off or not. if it was, it's likely you'll get your money back. if not, then you just have to take it as a loss i'm sure. 

Re: Received Incorrect Change In Store?


Thanks Jaime!

I actually just went to get my receipt and examined it more closely. The took my gift card and coupon but something weird happened. Where it should of been $25 off my total, they only took $15 off (from the coupon I would assume) but they also took my gift card but it didn't show up off my total.

I'll call the store today!


Re: Received Incorrect Change In Store?

do you still have the gift card? sounds like they took it but didn't deduct it... hopefully you/they didn't discard it =\ they should have a camera aimed at the register though, so it's likely that if you DID hand over the gift card and did not get it back they can look up the transaction on the video (make sure to bring your receipt so they know exactly when to look!) and they can check to see that you did in fact hand over a gift card Smiley Happy i know that when i was working retail that's how we verified these sorts of things. hope it all gets worked out for you! 

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