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Really good primer for pores?

i've been using tartes amazonian clay 12 hour primer but i don't really see a difference, any suggestions?

Re: Really good primer for pores?

I really disliked that 12 hr primer. My mom even commented it felt like glue going on. A better alternative is Philosophy's Total Matteness Smiley Happy

Re: Really good primer for pores?

The Algenist  Pore Corrector ant- aging primer is a super product. You get two benefits in one product. Hope this helps!

Re: Really good primer for pores?



For primers that target the appearance of pores to help minimize them, often times formulas will rely on silicone and dimethicone. The particles are large and even enough to smooth over the surface of skin with a silky texture and finish, leaving a more diffused look to skin and thus "glazing" over the appearance of uneven texture (even works well on dry spots).


Though it's been tossed around plenty, there's a reason why Benefit's Porefessional is a top primer pick. It's richer in dimethicone than most primers on the market and can be used just on pores alone, all over the face (minus lids) as a face primer, or even tapped over make up to absorb/control shine throughout the day without using blotting sheets or powder.

Benefit Cosmetics - The POREfessional


Another similar formula is Too Faced's Primed & Poreless, which also contains vitamins A & C for anti oxidant protection and mulberry extract to help even skin tone.


For something even richer in terms of skin loving benefits, Hourglass' No. 28 Serum Primer, which is packed with vitamins, minerals, botanical extracts, and nourishing ingredients.


The key with S/D primers and to not "over do it" and get the pilling or beading during application is to work with a pea sized amount for starters, lightly smoothing it over prepped skin (be sure to let you moisturizer fully absorb before applying to prevent layering on one too many things too quickly) or even pressing/patting it into skin and target areas. If need be go back with a fine amount of primer and lightly tap it onto problem areas like the nose or cheeks (wherever pores are still visible after the first go around).

Re: Really good primer for pores?

what about the primed & poreless pure one? its pretty much the same but its oil free would that make a huge difference?

Re: Really good primer for pores?

Clarks weighed in, I haven't personally used it on my face, but my cousin who has oily/combination skin has and hated it. She doesn't even touch the tube sitting on her vanity anymore. I played with it to test texture on my hand and it felt oily and too slick for my liking. It also had a plastic like smell which I didn't find too appealing either.

Re: Really good primer for pores?

Stay away from Primed and Poreless Pure if you have oily/combo skin.  That stuff turned my face into a grease pit.  The regular one is much better.  lylysa has great suggestions.  Seriously I cannot recommend the Hourglass Mineral Veil primer enough.  It's incredible.


Re: Really good primer for pores?

My cousin got the same feeling on the TF P&P Pure formula! Ick!

Re: Really good primer for pores?

i've heard really great things about that primer as well, and yeah i have more normal/oily skin but i'm sure it would bother me just the same lol

Re: Really good primer for pores?

I do also agree with clarks18 the hourglass is one of the better primers right along with the Algenist. The Algenist samples came throught our office and almost went as fast as I opened them. Smiley Happy

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