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Quick and Easy Foundation that covers Dark Circles

Hi, I use Bare Minerals foundation on my work days but on the days I am off and usually just home or running errands I want to use some easier and no fuss since I don't wear alot of makeup those days. I have been using a Cream to Powder product from the drugstore but have found that I'm not happy with any of the color choices anymore. I have normal skin and just want a Foundation or even Tinted Moisturizer that I can be easily applied and go. My main concerns are how it feels, that it makes my face look nice and fresh and it covers my naturally dark circles (and the occasional blemish). Preferably just one all-in-one product, if it exists. I understand that it would be best to go to a Sephora store to match color but I am just doing some reaserach online now and looking at products before making my way to my closet Sephora which isn't nearby. Thanks!


Re: Quick and Easy Foundation that covers Dark Circles

I would definitely suggestion Sonia Kashuk's Tinted Moisturizer if your skin is not too sensitive! It was very light and felt nice on my skin, but unfortunately, since I have sensitive skin, I began to see tiny white heads forming and had to stop using it ( so unfortunate! ). Major plus that you are able to find this at your local target and it is cheap!


If you don't mind splurging, I would recommend Dior's BB creme, but preferably, the Hydralife Dior BB which they only sell exclusively at Sephora. 


I used to use Bare Minerals as my everyday / day off foundation, but found a study that may suggest that on some skin types it causes cystic acne so I switched! 

Re: Quick and Easy Foundation that covers Dark Circles

Hi edpgypsy,


You sound like the perfect candidate for a BB cream. We carry quite a few, but my favorites are Too Faced's BB Cream or Miracle Skin Transformer. Both possess a texture similar to a tinted moisturizer and look beautiful when applied.



Whimsically yours,

Re: Quick and Easy Foundation that covers Dark Circles

What about something like MUFE  multi-use pro finish powder foundation or Kat Von D powder foundation or Two faced amazing face foundation powder. All of these would be super quick and easy all in one compact. Hope this helps!

Re: Quick and Easy Foundation that covers Dark Circles

Thank you all for your replies! I've now got several products to check out. Smiley Happy

Re: Quick and Easy Foundation that covers Dark Circles

Edpgypsy, I am looking for the same thing. I use bare essentials during the week but want a quick liquid I can apply without any sponges or brushes on the weekend, just to even tone. Did you find anything you would recommend?

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