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Question about returns

I bought some products online about a month ago and I want to return one of the items. (It broke me out and I was waiting to see if my face cleared up after I stopped using it before I returned it just to make sure it was in fact causing the breakouts.) However, I no longer have the order or return sheets that came in the package. Can I still return (I actually just want to do an exchange) it in-store? If so, what do I need to print and bring with me?

Re: Question about returns

Hi jwilk241! 


If you no longer have the original order summary that came with your package, you won't be able to return the item for a refund.  However! You can still exchange the item for something else or return it without a receipt for a store credit. Smiley Happy  


Please keep in mind, though, that store returns are to the discretion of the store director.  I don't foresee there being a problem though. 




Re: Question about returns

Can't she just look up her order history online. I never keep the order slips from the package. But if I want to return something, I just print off the order from my online order history. The stores I have dealt with are good with it, contingent on it showing the price I paid for the item.

Re: Question about returns

It really depends on the store you go to.  Some stores are willing to take a printout, while others require the original packing slip.

Re: Question about returns

What?! Your stores are really nice. I've literally showed my stores my emailed receipts, my online order history WITH the purchased items on my VIB card and they still won't let me do a refund. It's still considered a "return w/o receipt" even though I technically have all the order information. 

Re: Question about returns

I would call your local store to ask.  One of the stores near me is able to look up order information if you print out the confirmation e-mail, but another store claims to be unable to do so.


If you can't have it processed as a return, you can definitely do a return without receipt. Smiley Happy

Re: Question about returns

Thanks y'all. I guess I should have said "question about exchanges", just to make it a little more clear. I just want to do an exchange since there's some blush I really want and I figured an exchange would be easier without the original receipts. Which, it sounds like it will be.


Thanks again!!

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