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Question about brush cleaning.

I only have one brush for my eye shadow. When I use light shadow and then switch to dark or vise versa, I clean my brush with Sephora Daily Brush Cleaner... But that makes my brush wet.. Can you use a damp brush to put eye shadow on? Doesn't that ruin the brush?  I'm confused.



Re: Question about brush cleaning.

Hi Esme,

Try waiting until your brush is dry. You do not need to saturate the brush with the cleaner. Spray a bit of it on a paper towel and swirl the brush onto it to remove product. I hope that this helps!

<3 Melissa

Re: Question about brush cleaning.

So, if I use my brush for a pale beige, I can use the same brush without cleaning it to use a dark brown?

And, if I want to go back to the pale beige, my brush is brown.. That's when I was wondering if I should clean it, and if I do its wet and might ruin the shadow..


Esme Smiley Happy

Re: Question about brush cleaning.

As Melissa stated, spray the cleaner on a paper towel, not the brush directly.


To check out some options for secondary brushes to expand to your collection, take a look at this link:


I gave a break down on brush types and gave a run through of brands ranging from price to material.

Re: Question about brush cleaning.

You will have to clean it if you are switching colors. It might make the shade appear muddy and you won't get the true color of the shadow!

<3 Melissa

Re: Question about brush cleaning.

So, it won't break my eyeshadow when I apply a damp brush?

<3 Esme

Re: Question about brush cleaning.

Don't use damp brush. Don't know if it ruins the brush, but applying an eyeshadow + brush cleaner mixture to your eyelid/lash line will probably be bad for your eyes. If the dampness is from water and not brush cleanser, you can use it with shadows that states it can be applied wet or dry. Uess the shadow stated it can be applied wet, using a wet brush might ruin the texture.


I almost never use wet brushes. For use in one setting I usually go from light to dark and it's fine (you can't do it the other way without cleaning). I have a couple of back up, and for complicated looks I have 3 for dark, light, and glitter colors. If you are using it for different settings, definitely clean and let dry inbetween.

Re: Question about brush cleaning.

thank you, I'm gonna follow this advice Smiley Happy


Re: Question about brush cleaning.

HI Esme,
What you really need is a second brush! I've been using this Smashbox brush to apply a light wash of color (like a beige) all over the lid, then dust the brush on a towel to remove beige shadow. Then I use a brown on the same brush, and work it into my crease.

I don't wash mine between, but if I need I have other brushes to touch up with. The more brushes you have, the more effects you can practise.
Usually when someone wets the brush, they want to have a more saturated color. You can get a more subtle color with a dry brush but it probably wont ruin your shadow

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