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Prom Makeup

MY senior year prom is coming up soon (May 10th) and I need to start thinking about what to do with my makeup!


My cousins friend works as a makeup artist and I am hoping to have her do my makeup and she will also give me a spray tan (fingers crossed that she isn't busy that day).  If she can do my makeup, I want to give her some ideas of looks that I think will look nice and colors, the only problem is I can't really think of any.


I have fairly light skin (right now I use Stila Sheer Cover Tinted Moisturizer in the shade Bare.  But, when I get a spray tan I'm not sure how dark my skin tone will be and that is why I can't think of what lip colors or cheek colors to do.


I want probably a smokey eye but I am not sure if I should do a dark one or a neutral one.  I also want to incorporate the turquoise color of the dress into my makeup look but not too much of it.  Any ideas?


Thank you for taking the time to read this!  I have attached a picture of the dress I ordered for prom.








Re: Prom Makeup

What a beautiful dress! I love the sky blue!

Okay... three questions:


1) Are you blonde or have light coloured hair?


2) If so, why are you getting a spray tan? WIth a fair complexion, light hair, and a dress like this, you'll look stunning if you play up your porcelain skin.


3) You could try a colour-blocking look if you incorporate an orange-ish colour into your smokey eye to give it some pop. If you're set on turquoise, you can use it a turquise colour as your smokey eye base and then go over with the usual darks, so that the blue just pokes out of the edges?

Re: Prom Makeup

I am blonde! I was thinking about not getting a tan and going with my natural skin tone, but most of the girls in my area get tans and I feel like I would stick out too much in the pictures if I don't.  I will just wait and try the dress on without a tan and see how it looks and then decide.


I really like the color blocking idea, it sounds so unique and different! I will have to look more into that, the orange sounds so vibrant and beautiful!


Thank you Smiley Happy  

Re: Prom Makeup

Hi Kstrat.


No problem! I can see why you're concerned about sticking out in pictures. That makes sense. It's up to you in the end! But it might be the good kind of sticking out Smiley Happy

Perhaps you can head in to a Sephora or a MAC and see if they'll play around with oranges on you?


Re: Prom Makeup

I love your dress it's so beautiful!  Look on youtube I love watching pixiwoo, pixi2woo, Tiffany D and Lisa Eldridge.  Look up prom looks especially from pixiwoo.  I personally like a spray tan, I am very blonde and pale and look so washed out in pictures without a tan, do what you like.  I really love a bronze smokey eye it will look great with a tan and if you have blue eyes it will really look great with the blue in your dress and bronze eyes.  I love big lashes, you could buy some before you go and have the pro put them on. 

Re: Prom Makeup

kstrat, I love your dress!  Let me give you a little advice from past experiences.  Don't make too many changes in your appearance!  You don't want to be stuck with something that you are not happy with.  I would definitely nix the spray tan!  So what if all your friends are Brazilian tanned.  You will stand out among them.  Celebrate you!  You could apply a little self-tanner to give you a little color, but spray tans usually go several shades darker and may be orangy or yellowing.  Then if you're not happy with it, it will ruin your whole evening.


Also, may I suggest you have a discussion with your makeup artist and a demonstration (not a full face makeover) of what she has in mind or what you have envisioned before the day of the prom.  Also, schedule hair and makeup early in the day so if you don't like something, you have time to change it.  If you've paid for their services, request them to fix whatever you're not happy with.


For your makeup, I love the softness of the Lucid Lilac Spring 2013 look.  You can find it on the Sephora Glossy site in the how-tos.  It's an allover soft look using iridescent shadow. You could substitute soft turquiose on the eyes with cheeks and lips in pinks or corals, depending on your skintone.  I don't know about a smokey eye look.  On fair skin, it can look too harsh.  You want your eyes to pop!  Try tightlining you eyes using Too Faced 3 Way Lining Tool.  Play around with different looks til you find what you like.  If you are wanting to experiment with color blocking, try a peachy color in the middle of top and bottom lids to add some warmth surrounded by turquiose.  If you do go with bold eyes, be sure to keep the lips soft.  If you go with a bold lip, keep the eyes more neutral.   Just be sure you know what you want on that day,  No surprises!!!!  You want it to be a fun and exciting day with no worries. Keep us posted!


Re: Prom Makeup

I love that dress! So pretty! I'd go with a dark smokey eye and even incorporate a bit of a turquoise liner or smidge of shadow on the inner corners of the eye or under the lower lash line with some thickening mascara. Smiley Happy 


If you DO go with a spray tan stick to some neutral pink-rosey shades of gloss on the lips and more coral or pink tones of blush to offset the golden tone your skin will (hopefully!) be. Smiley Happy 



Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Prom Makeup

Pretty dress kstrat!


I would recommend just sticking with a neutral eyed look as a traditional black smokey eye might be too dense for such a light color. The Too Faced Boudoir Eyes palette would be idea if you wanted something soft, yet sultry.



Whimsically yours,

Re: Prom Makeup

Re: Prom Makeup

I would have to say a bright eyed look in pinky hues for the eyeshadow  from there I would choose a palette you've got lots of options Smiley Happy I haven't used many of that particualr type of palette myself but that is the type I would go with for that dress Smiley Happy I really like it enjoy your night! for illuminator on the cheeks i would try watts up by benefit  though I don't know what blush to suggest to mix it with I usually mix it with hoola bronzer but i wouldn't suggest mixing that with the bright eyed of soft pink eyed look. bronzer and illuminator is more for neutral shades I would think but blush and illuminator more for the pinky tones though I am an still learning myself Smiley Happy

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