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Products to reduce the appearance of cellulite

I have heard about Bliss' FatGirlSoap which is literally soap that massages the skin, making cellulite disappear over time. I have a friend who tried it and it worked wonders in just a couple days! My sephora store hasn't been getting any more in though and it's been a few months now. The same friend I have ordered it online but it was practically melted, as you would expect, when she got it in the mail. I have lost a lot of weight lately but my cellulite is still noticeable so I wanted to try this product. Since it seems to not be in good condition when mailed and because my store hasn't been getting more in, I want to try a similar product. I am mostly interested in massaging soaps. I looked online to see other cellulite products, but nothing from sephora or google gave me good ones like the FatGirlSoap. What do you guys recommend for me to try? I will NOT do serums though. I prefer soap form. Thanks!

Re: Products to reduce the appearance of cellulite

There really aren't that many options in the soap form. You could use something in the form of body lotion since you don't want to do serums.One of the best products is the Clarins Body lift Cellulite Control. Hope this helps!


Re: Products to reduce the appearance of cellulite

Target has a cellulite sponge from Dead Sea Essentials.  I think it has the soap/treatment inside the sponge and my guess is that you'd use it in the shower.  It was about $10.

Re: Products to reduce the appearance of cellulite

Hi MCurr,


There are a number of other products within the FatGirl line that work well for cellulite. The Clarins Body Lift Cellulite works extremely well too for defining and firming meddling dimples.


Whimsically yours,

Re: Products to reduce the appearance of cellulite

Hm... in soap form, there's not much. Remember that the only way to really treat cellulite is exercise & diet, even then it's hard to completely get rid of (even Olympic athletes have cellulite). Soaps, creams & serums plump the skin to make it appear more smooth (just like wrinkle creams plump skin on the face). You're going to have to keep using a product to see lasting effects. 

The clarisonic body brush attachment helps exfoliate and massage the area which increases blood flow to the area & helps drain water. So do soaps with exfoliating bits in them like the Fresh Seaberry soap 

My spa sells a soap that has massaging nubins on it like the bliss one It's called an "ALGAE LOOFAH BAR" by Avance.

After shower, you can use the bliss slimulator (Sephora used to sell it, but not anymore) It's a $22 handheld rubber massager to go over trouble areas.

Bliss fatgirl six pack has a massager at the end

but it is a serum. 

Why are you opposed to serums? Do you not want creams either? 

I really like Perricone's Cold Plasma Body 

It hydrates like non other, evens skin tone, and helps plump. 

You want a product that has caffeine in it to help plump, but that's also moisturizing. 



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