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Products for sudden break outs and old scars

I don't have acne but I have the worst breakouts!! Red filled with nastynes.  I was hoping to find someone that has the same problem. What products are best for breakouts to clear over night? Also I was looking for a product that clears old pimple scars. I use clean and clears acne treatment with benzoyl peroxide(in the white tube) and bio oil for my scars but neither of them work for me. 

Re: Products for sudden break outs and old scars

I started using Kate Somerville EradiKate, and it rocks my world. Way better than the Clean and Clear (which is what I was using, too.)

Re: Products for sudden break outs and old scars

The use of benzoyl peroxide will help flush a clogged pore with oxygen to help purify and dislodge impurities.


Salicylic acid is a beta hydroxy acid more commonly used to target the all encompassing factors of acne as it actually helps dissolve sebum and help to regulate oil, thus addressing blemishes below the surface but also helping in the long run to fend off on coming break outs.


Sulfur, used the EradiKate product is used to dry out blemishes, this is more than often most effective with whiteheads or pustular blemishes as it'll dry out the nodule/white portion of a pustular blemish and have it removed from skin relatively quickly.


For a more detailed break down of products to use by blemish type, check out:



To address acne scars, do you mean areas of discoloration or actual textured scar sites? Different products/ingredients target different things.


The above thread has links that go in detail for Kate Somerville's D-Scar Serum, which will treat textural scars (be they raised or pitted) along with some threads that cover scars that cover discoloration that need to be faded along with tips on how to maintain and protect skin while using brightening/lightening treatments.

Re: Products for sudden break outs and old scars

It's discolorationSmiley Sad

Re: Products for sudden break outs and old scars

If the post acne scars are based off discoloration rather than texture, the secondary thread above still has a link that will help. Included in that thread are links to two others, one which covers textural scars and another that covers products and ingredients used to treat discoloration. Depending on your preferences or skin's sensitivity, you can use the ingredient list to sort through products on the market. For example, hydroquinone and alpha/beta/poly hydroxy acids are the more potent ingredients, but if you want a more gentle route, try something with vitamin C or licorice. The thread that covers whitening/lightening skin has the full run down plus tips on sun care to aid in protecting skin while treating and overall helping skin's health.


Re: Products for sudden break outs and old scars

Benzoyl Peroxide might not be for you. Try something with Salicylic Acid Or Sulfer. 


Murad's Acne Spot Treatment or Mario Badescu Drying Lotion

Re: Products for sudden break outs and old scars

Try a website called My beauty Compare, they take details of your skin type and suggest you the best product suitable in a reasonable price.

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