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Problem skin solutions

My sister has lupus which causes her to have severely dry, red and splotchy skin. She sometimes breaks out in bumps and a rash on her hands, which also get very dry and sometimes crack (not very pleasant, sorry). She tends to get redness on her cheeks, nose and chin. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on a product that might help soothe her skin and help with the dryness and redness that can occur. Thank you!

Re: Problem skin solutions

I think you would get the best answer from a dermatologist, because the cause of her skin problems is the lupus or the medication she may be taking to treat it.  


However, if she's looking for something in the mean time, a heavy duty moisturizer sounds like it could definitely help.  FAB (First Aid Beauty) has a number of thick facial moisturizers and hand/body creams that are very very intense and will help with severe dryness.  I also really like Jurlique's night cream!  Sephora also makes a few masks that might be very soothing for inflamed dry skin.  The "Sephora Soothing Mask" comes to mind, in particular, but any mask that is designed to provide intense hydration and calm skin will probably help the appearance and the feel.  Pre-packaged masks are also nice because they don't require a lot of energy - unlike the mud masks that require some work to apply and rinse off, the masks that come in the packs usually just go straight from the packet to your face.  If you're dealing with a low energy day from lupus it can be nice to have less to do.


Good luck, please let me know if I can help any further.  There are a LOT of very knowledgable women on this board who will certainly have wonderful recommendations!

Re: Problem skin solutions

It would be best to discuss that problem with her doctor. You wouldn't want to get something that would make her bumps and rash worse. Hope this helps!

Re: Problem skin solutions

I definitely agree with this - reading over my answer I wasn't sure if I made this clear.  Before taking action, I think your sister should definitely check with a doctor and/or dermatologist.  The rest of my answer applies only if she's been given the clear.  I don't want her to end up feeling worse or more uncomfortable!

Re: Problem skin solutions

Thank you for your concern and response Beautylovingirl and emmaclaire! I probably should've specified earlier that we are just trying to put together a list of options for my sister to take to her physician so we can try to find something that will help her out. She has tried many drugstore brand moisturizers, and different creams, medications and treatments from dermatologists and doctors, but they only give her temporary relief. Again, thank you for taking the time to respond!

Re: Problem skin solutions

What is your sister using right now?  Does she use moisturizer regularly on her hands and face?


CeraVe cream (comes in a big tub) or Aquaphor for especially distressed skin are what I'd recommend.  In my worst days of eczema (which caused severe dryness, rashes, and even open wounds from scratching) I applied Aquaphor twice daily.  CeraVe is also very emollient but a cream rather than ointment, which I've been using the last couple of years since my eczema has improved.


Like the others mention, I hope your sister is able to consult a doctor or dermatologist for help.  But the two I mentioned above are going to be pretty standard non-prescription suggestions for all sorts of medical skin conditions.

Re: Problem skin solutions

Hi Aliciadlp,


I would highly recommend having your sister consult her primary physician before trying anything new.

Whimsically yours,

Re: Problem skin solutions

Thank you Janine, I know that she does keep an open discussion with her doctor, we've just been trying to find options to present to her doctor for the next time she visits him. Thank you for the advice! 

Re: Problem skin solutions

I'm assuming she's already changed her diet and avoiding meals high in protein, caffeine, soy and other triggers. What about skin care ingredients, what can/can't she tolerate? Is she staying out out of the sun and using non-chemical SPF daily (even on cloudy days? Most lupas "treatment" is trying to prevent flareups by avoiding triggers. 

Since you're coming up with a list and discussing with her Doctor before trying out the products, I suggest you look into: 

~ Cetaphil & CeraVe cleansers & moisturizers (both found at the drugstore)

~ Check out Perricone's hypoallergenic line!keyword=hypoallerg...

~ First Aid Beauty has some gentle yet effective products 

~ Ren also has some nice, natural products!brandName=ren&pageSize=60&defaultPageSize=60&sortBy=-1&defaultSortBy=-1&... 

She's probably going to go through a lot of trial and error to figure out what works for her, and what doesn't. I have a friend who swears by Aveno products, but many people she knows from her support group can't tolerate it.  

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