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Problem Hair

My hair is medium thickness and it is long, I take very good care of my wavy hair and it used to air dry into relaxed waves with no frizz or poufy-ness before. However, lately it's been air drying into a big fluffy helmet. As it dries it gets frizzy, my top layer of waves loses definition, and it seems to swell up as if it is being pumped full of air. What is a recommendation for a styling product or something I can rake through my hair post-shower to quell this. Thank you.

Re: Problem Hair

Have you changed products, or been using heat stylers more lately or anything like that??

Re: Problem Hair

No, I've actually been using hair masks on a more regular basis now. I usually would apply a mask once every 3 months or so and now I'm using them at least once a month but my hair seems very dry and frizzy...

Re: Problem Hair

Once a month still isn't enough, maybe for someone with great hair, but i use one every week. Helps a whole lot, Also changing what mask your using might help, Maybe the one you have isn't effective enough. But bumble and bumble is a good brand, as well as Living proof. You need a good leave in cream as well as some type of oil as well.

Re: Problem Hair

Bumble and Bumble have to differernt products that might help:

Curl Conscious Defining Creme

 Curl Conscious Calming Creme


Hope this helps!

Re: Problem Hair

Thanks! I will give those a try. Smiley Happy

Re: Problem Hair

Your very welcome.

Re: Problem Hair

Hi amariev,


I'd have to agree with beautylovingirl! Bumble and Bumble products work extremely well with frizz and hard to tame hair Smiley Happy.

Whimsically yours,

Re: Problem Hair

Thank you

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