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Primer and temptu



I just received my temptu and will be using it for the first time this weekend for a wedding.  I have several primers, NARS, MUFE, Smahsbox, Laura Mercier etc.  What would be the best primer to use with it?  Does the makeup wear off quickly?  Can I use Erase Paste under the makeup or is that too much?  Acckk I need some guidance!

Hi Cjbetty,   Yaaaa Temptu, you are going to love your ai...

Hi Cjbetty,


Yaaaa Temptu, you are going to love your airbrush machine. OK for using the right primer I would either use the Nars, MUFE or Laura Mercier. They all have a nice slip and finish to them, so when applying the Temptu it will adhere to the skin and look flawless. You can definitely use your Erase paste if extra coverage is desired. What works well for me, is applying the concealer first in the areas that need more coverage and then applying my Temptu. Like any liquid make-up if you set it lightly with some powder you can really ensure that the make-up will last and stay on. I would use something light, even a translucent powder would work well. Just make sure that after you airbrush you wait about ten minutes before you go in to Powder. You want to give some time to allow the make-up to dry, other wise if you go in right away your brush will move the foundation and you will spend more time going back to fix it.

Have an awesome time at the wedding and airbrush awaySmiley Happy




Sara B

Sephora Pro Artist

Hi there cjbetty!   Congrats on your Temptu machine! I ha...

Hi there cjbetty!


Congrats on your Temptu machine! I have one too, it is fantastic! Smiley Happy


Since the foundation does come out with that glowy dewey finish, the type of primer you use will really depend on your skin type. Any of the primers you suggested will be great. If you have more combination or oily skin I would suggest you use the Make Up For Ever or Smashbox primers for their fabulous long lasting power.  You may even want to try a primer that is oil free or mattifying (but really only if you have combo-oily skin)  You definitely can't go wrong with the others! I say choose your favorite. You will feel more comfortable having on the one you use the most.


The great thing about Temptu makeup is that it is designed to last and stay on the skin to look smooth and flawless.  You definitely CAN use erase paste underneath the makeup but make sure (if u use it under the eyes) that is is applied first, underneath your Temptu foundation. This will ensure your makeup will not get mussed up or smeared if you apply the concealer AFTER.


Don't worry too much as you will find what works best for you and fits your needs. You may even want to give the Temptu a whirl beforehand so you have an idea how much foundation you want and how much pressure/air  you want on the skin. That way you won't spend an hour or two before the wedding trying to figure out what will work best for you.


Feel free to watch our Temptu How To videos that can be found here. These will definitely give you some extra added tips and tricks.  I hope this can help you!

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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