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Primer Sample Sets

There are so many primers out there! Face, eyes, lips, lashes... am I forgetting a category?


How's a girl (or guy) gonna find the ones they love, without testing, buying, maybe even returning, dozens?


So my suggestion is, besides the ever-present mascara sample set and lip stick/gloss sample set, why not some primer sample sets? I would love a separate set for eyes and another for face, because that way I could try out more of each. For example, my eyes are sensitive and I tried quite a few eyelid primers before settling on one that worked for me. Maybe even a third kit for lips and lashes. After all, I am now looking for a lip primer, but don't want to test them in the stores because I see so many people putting product directly on their lips and in their eyes straight from the testers, which is so germy since we are getting into flu and cold season!


So, what do you say, Sephora? How about some primer sample kits Smiley Wink

Re: Primer Sample Sets

Hi Lilinah!  That's great idea Smiley Happy I will forward your suggestion.

Re: Primer Sample Sets

I never thought of that.....that is such a great idea!!!  I hope Sephora really implements that would be awsome to have something like that....


Re: Primer Sample Sets

that would be nice! 


if you tend to buy sets anyway, often brands will throw primers into them. smashbox especially puts their primers in many sets! the SiJCP also sometimes has the mini primers for sale for around $5-$10 depending on the size/brand. ANDDDD promo codes for primer samples are often offered for orders Smiley Happy 


that's pretty much how i've tried most primers haha! my favorite face primer is from korres and eye is too faced. i don't really need a lip primer so i don't use that Smiley Happy

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