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Hi, If im pregnant what products i can and cant use

Re: Pregnant

Congratulations.  The only product I know to avoid while pregnant in lavender oil (which I use when I am not).  I cannot remember why, but I read it somewhere.  Others, like paragons should be avoided if possible at all times. There are probably others, but I mostly just wanted to say YAY!

Re: Pregnant

nothing with rosemary oil either, it can cause miscarriage or premature birth.

Re: Pregnant

Welcome to BT! If you look through past questions (use the search bar to navigate all posts, I suggest using the search term "pregnancy safe") you'll see a lot of good advice on products. Ultimately though, it's best for a pregnant woman to speak with her doctor about which products or ingredients she should use or avoid during her pregnancy. Your doctor should be able to give you the best and safest answer, but in the event that you feel dissatisfied by their response, feel free to ask for a recommendation for a dermatologist who should be able to give you more details.


Hope this helps!

Re: Pregnant

Welcome to BT, and emmaclaire has already posted what I was going to!  Open communication with your doctor is the best course of action.

Re: Pregnant

I would talk to your doctor so you can make sure you don't miss anything. 

For sure I know:

  • retinol
  • salicylic acid (plant derived from willow bark is okay, again talk to your doctor)
  • hydroquinone 
  • essential oils

Re: Pregnant

Avoid anything with lavender oil and tea tree oils. It messes with your hormones. 

Re: Pregnant

I have always heard about some nail polish being dangerous while pregnant. The "3 Free" polishes like Zoya and Butter London are supposed to be safer, but yes, as everyone else says, ask your doctor (or dermatologist for nails).

Re: Pregnant

These ladies on here are very knowledgeable... however, when it comes to stuff like this I would consult with a trusted doctor/nursemidwife/whoever you're using.  Smiley Happy

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