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Posting Pics?

I am having the hardest time posting pics in my posts!!!  Any techies out there that can help?  I use a macbook pro.


Thanks in advance!

Re: Posting Pics?

You might want to add that to this thread:


But what exactly is going wrong?  Don't use the drag and drop on the right side of the post, click the photo icon up to (next to the spoiler button).

Re: Posting Pics?

@vertiabelle - I havent run into any problems posting pictures this morning Smiley Sad  You might want to clear your cache/cookies, as I've found it to help the site run smoother for me.  If it continues, let us know & we can report it Smiley Happy


xo, Mia

Re: Posting Pics?

I really just want to know how to do it.  What is the process for posting the pics?

Re: Posting Pics?

When in Iphoto, click on export in the top menu bar & resize the image (if needed). Save it to your desktop or folder on your desktop. Then when you're in Beauty Talk & you want to post a pic, click on "Choose File" and upload the pic from your desktop/folder. When done, you can drag the image from your desktop to the trash. 

OR... after you save it to your desktop, you can just drag the folder to the little box on the right that says "drag photos/files here"

Re: Posting Pics?

When you are composing a message, click on the left of the two little blue icons in the bar above your text (they go Bold, Italics, Underline, Strikethrough, Spoiler, Insert Image, Insert Video, Number List and Bullet List from left to right)


Once you choose that, you have options of picking a picture on your system, something you've uploaded and used before, or from another site.  I know external links aren't allowed, but if you've copied a link from a picture on the Sephora site (right click, copy image location) then you can put that link in the space on the 3rd tab. 


To the right of the text box there is a place to drag a photo from your machine, choose a file on your machine, or link to a picture by clicking where the text is.


Of course, I can't say this will all work nicely on your mac, but it should.  It doesn't work on the iPad, I know that.


I hope this helps.

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