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Pores from acne!

I've had moderate to severe acne for about 6 years, and now that i'e managed to keep my skin clear for a year, I've noticed I have developed noticeable pores in my t-zone and cheek area. What do I do?


I've been using Clinique's pore refining serum, but I feel it's a temporary and also minimal answer. 


What do you think?

Re: Pores from acne!

Use the dr.pore no more pore. I think that's what it's called. It's not cheap, but its definitely worth it ! 

Re: Pores from acne!

Hey, I was also a big fan of the Clinique pore refining serum and then eventually saw the light and realised, as you have, that it doesn't do much :s
The bad news is you just can't permenantely reduce the size of your pores without really expensive dermatological treatments. You can temporarily reduce their size with clay masks and things of the like. You can also try to hide the size of them as a part of your make up routine in a variety of ways.
This is what I've started to do on my cheeks, where overzealous picking blew out many of my pores :s There are a whole bunch of silica-based products out there that fill your pores without enlarging them and reduce oil so that subsequent make up application conceals them. I got mine on Amazon because they sell some Japanese products there really cheaply. (search keywords like pore balm) You can also get the Benefit Pore-fessional, which is the same kind of things but more expensive for less. There is another prouct in Clinique's range that does the same. And the Dr. Brandt Pores no More is the same kind of thing too. 
I also have some pretty sweet matifying powders. My faves are all drugstore brands. I've been using Rimmel's mattifying powder for a reallyyy long time in translucent and it's a dream. I dab it on my t-zone and my cheeks, and then mop up later in the day with oil absorbing sheets. This not only helps reduce the visibility of pores, but it also helps prevent future acne by mopping up oil build up.

Re: Pores from acne!

I've found that BHA/AHA products can help with pore visibility, since they increase cell turnover.  I'll never have invisible pores -- combination of genetics and long time problem skin -- but consistent use of glycolic cleanser (Anthony Logistics, in my case) and a weekly clay mask do make a difference for me.  I balance price against pragmatism, though; I know there's no such thing as a miracle cure for pore size, so to krunce's point past a certain threshold you're better off using cosmetics rather than pricey creams.

Re: Pores from acne!

off topic, but what did you use to keep your skin clear for a year?


Re: Pores from acne!

Getting and keeping acne under control really doesn't end. Part of the pore issue - a good part of it! - is genetics. You'll want the one-two punch of an AHA (glycolic acid - but there are others) and a BHA (salicylic acid) plus some benzoyl peroxide for the blemishes. And I happen to think that there is a diet component to all of this, too. Iodized salt, dairy, and high-glycemic foods can cause problems. There are tons of product options but keep your eyes out for fragrance-free and fewer ingredients. Philosophy has some options but there are many more. 

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