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Please someone help!

I've spent about two years now learning everything I can about products, correct application, ect. It makes me cry almost every night before going out and I look in the mirror and I have everything applied to the standards I want and then wrecking my entire face are these dreadful pimples around my mouth and chin area. I don't break out anywhere else so they really stand out. I've figured out how to completely cover the blemishes and there is no sign of discoloration. However, the texture I can't change. So even if the foundation blends top to bottom and the concealer, you can still see the bumps....all of them. It just looks gross all around my mouth and I would give anything for a solution. I don't need a whole skincare line I already have that and the clarisonic, both keep everything clear but there. What I'm really searching for is some kind of concealer that can actually fill those areas before foundation application so it's smoother and the bumps dont protrude so much. Please, please, please someone have a solution to this problem so I can go back to taking photos and being able to talk to people without trying to cover my mouth lol. 




Re: Please someone help!

Hi phillips943, 


To be honest, a concealer is not going to be of much use to you in smoothing and re-texturing the skin. A concealer will be great to apply on top of your foundation to conceal dark marks and blemishes but will not help to hide bumps and and un-even texture. Trust me, I know how you feel! I recently broke out from a new skincare product I tried and have the same thing on my jawline Smiley Sad Definitely no fun and it's upsetting!


Here's what I use to conceal them as much as possible (and to treat existing acne):


Use a good serum/treatment that actually helps to smooth out your skin's texture and even out the complexion. Try the Fresh Soy Face Serum, Korres Wild Rose Serum or the Soap and Glory Rejuvenating Face Serum, all of which can help to smooth the complexion out.




Next, make sure that after your moisturizer, you use a good primer that will even out and fill in any un-evenness that you may have. I really like Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer and  the Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer, both of which are SUPER smoothing and really do wonders under your makeup. 





Also use a long lasting primer that is maybe a bit thicker in formulation so when you apply it, it covers and gives your skin a smoother illusion. Try the Kat Von D Tatoo Concealer or MUFE Full Cover Concealer.




Try some of these out and be patient! It does take time for your skin to get back to its normal appearance. Best of luck to you! 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Please someone help!

My personal opinion would be to try Murads vitamin C serum. It brightened my skin and gave it an even texture and color. I was never more pleased with a product. After two bottles it even removed three very dark age spots. The vitamin C in it seems to do much more than what the product claims. vitamin C is extremely healing, but you must make sure you are using a good quality C. Not all will absorb and do what you are looking for.. If you by any chance you are not changing you brush head for your Clairsonic On a regular basis, do so. When mine reaches the 4 month mark it get blemishes and it no longer workers well. Other products I have used and had great success with are dr. Brandt's pore's no more vacuum cleaner. Does exactly what is says. Amazing. Also use philosophy's "ona a clear day". It contains a nice mild retinol that works wonders on break outs. also helps keep them at bay. Hope this helps.
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