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Please help! Severe razor burn

Maybe this was a stupid thing to do, but I abandoned my pride a long time ago, so here goes-


So I have a wedding that I'm going to tomorrow, and I decided that I'm going to put my hair up in a tight bun.  I was experimenting last night with different styles and noticed that I had a significant amount of little hairs/fuzzies on the back of my neck that normally I wouldn't notice, but became more noticeable with the sleek bun.  I asked my boyfriend if I should shave or cut them with scissors, and he suggested we use his electric clippers.  I've never used clippers before anywhere on my body, so wasn't sure what to expect.  He clipped the back of my neck, which turned out ok (although I was surprised how much it hurt!).....


But then I woke up this morning, and the back of my neck looked like it was attacked by a bear!  Very inflamed and irritated.  I took some ibuprofen and applied a topical steroid cream, and I'll ice pack it tonight, but I'm not sure what else to do.  I still would like to wear my hair up, because I think that will look best with my dress and makeup, but I'm not sure that will be possible.  MUFE Full Cover Concealer is very good, but I'm not sure it can cover bear claw marks.  Before this happened, my boyfriend was insistent that I look better with my hair down, so I'm suspicious that this was a sabotage attempt.


Any suggestions on how to alleviate/conceal the razor burn by tomorrow?    

Re: Please help! Severe razor burn

Hi Feline5190 Oh no! It sounds like you are doing all the right things.  You could try something like Shaveworks The Cool Fix.  I've used that on my legs when they've gotten really irritated and it reduced the red and was quite soothing.

Re: Please help! Severe razor burn

Yeah, I have that too and use it when my legs get slightly irritated and it works really well.  I used a little on my neck immediately afterwards, but I guess it didn't work this time.  Maybe I should have applied more, or I need to continue reapplying. 

Re: Please help! Severe razor burn

Is it razor burn, or just scratch marks from the clipper? Keep icing, and taking ibuprofen. If it's scratch marks, it won't heal overnight, but if it's razor burn hopefully it will go down by tomorrow. 

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