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Philosophy Products

I've never really had acne necessarily but I do get blemishes a few times a month. Ever since I stopped using drugstore make up it has gotten better but I am still looking for that PERFECT SKIN CARE REGIMINE. I know what works for some doesn't work for everyone but I've heard a lot of people rant and rave about Philosophy's skin care products. I'm thinking about trying the Purity cleanser and the microdelivery exfoliating scrub in combination.

I wanted to know if anyone has tried it or if there are other skin care secrets that you'd be willing to share to help get my skin back to being clear again! I'm open to anything for combination skin!


Re: Philosophy Products

I use the philosophy purity cleanser, witch hazel(from the drug store) as a toner, and CeraVae moisturizer (recommended by my dermatologist) I also use my clarisonic a few times a week! I recently purchased the korres wild rose sleeping facial and use that as my night time moisturizer and my skin has been looking amazing!  I have similar skin to yours, it sounds like! These items help keep my skin looking great!

Re: Philosophy Products

I have tried both the Purity Cleanser and Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash and I enjoyed using the scrub much more than I did using the cleanser. The particles in the scrub are very fine - almost a sand-like texture - and combined with the gel base, I found it to be an easy-to-rinse-off and gentle exfoliator for my combination-oily skin. I was not very impressed with the Purity cleanser; while it claims to be a makeup remover and cleanser all-in-one, I didn't find it to be very effective in removing the thin layer of BB cream that I usually wear and it barely made a dent on pencil liner and waterproof mascara. I also felt that it left a bit of a residue on my face after thoroughly rinsing, which I didn't particularly care for. 


If you are working towards clear skin, maybe it would be worthwhile to try a brightening serum to lighten scarring from blemishes. My skin has gotten along well with Caudalie's Vinoperfect serum; while it works slowly, I found it to be effective in reducing acne scarring, and brightening my complexion overall.

Re: Philosophy Products

I've been on tons of acne topicals, and stopped for awhile, currently using and skin is better:

philosophy purity made simple at night, it's gentle, removes the day, doesn't dry out or tighten the skin, no residue feeling. Will also use with the clarisonic but I only use at night and every so often.


For day I use Korress wild rose cleanser - it's gentle nubbies


Toner, currently Mario Badescu special cucumber lotion (it's liquid) and their drying cream - have also used their drying mask seemed to help but dry quicker in the sample tub


Exfoliate - every so often - Origins Modern Friction - big nubbies since it's rice


Mask - Origins clear improvements - only where needed - or fresh clay bar  - use when needed


Moisturizer it depends on skin - have used almost a whole bottle of Korres wild rose sleeping facial - just need a light layer and bumps are diminished by the morning - HSN has kits for the price of the facial and if a new shopper there are discounts - have also used their 24hr cream - if you are dry it's the right amount of hydration - too much if you are a bit more oily


I'll also use Caudalie moisture cream mask - as a night cream since it's heavy - says to use only 1-2 times a week


If you do get Philosophy, I personally get at department stores since there is usually a nice gift with purchase - more money for your buck.


Re: Philosophy Products

Hi amessimer,


I recommend adding a good mask to your skincare routine! This will make all of the difference in keeping your skin clear. My favorite mask right now are the Glamglow masks. They are amazing masks for unclogging the pores and keeping the skin clear! Smiley Happy




Re: Philosophy Products

I have used both products for years and I love them and I have combo skin and a rare blemish here and there.  Purity is great for makeup removal specifically.  Their Clear Days Ahead line is great for acne prevention/control also. 

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