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Perfect eyebrows?

I was wondering how to keep your eyebrows perfect without plucking them. I've recently learned that plucking isn't good, and cause hairs to start gorwing underneath the skin. Is there any other solution to maintaining your eyebrows in between threading appointments?


I should probably mention that I also need hair growth that is long enough to be threaded. I need to find something that can cover these hairs.


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Re: Perfect eyebrows?

If you're looking to help minimize the appearance of strays inbetween brow appointments, try a thick, creamy pencil like Benefit's High Brow. This pencil helps to highlight the underside of the brow and the brow bone, helping give eyes a liften and enhanced look with minimum effort. Though you may think that highlighting the area may be contradictory to helping hide the stray hairs, the pencil formulation itself is super creamy and dense so it slicks and keeps strays down, while almost blocking them out from sight. I have black hair and my brows are super dark, it works great to hide my strays in between maintainence!


Use your finger to soften the product and blend it down, it also works great under your lightest/highlighting shadow color too!


Also, in regards to plucking and the issue of hair growing under the skin, this can occur no matter what method of hair removal you use as it relies on the actual cuticle of the hair, direction of hair growth, and if the area becomes clogged or congested to where the growing hair can't break through to the surface. Ingrowns are of course best prevented by proper timing of hair removal (if hair is too short, it heightens the chances of ingrowns because wax, tweezers, threading, or depilatory creams can't get a firm hold on each hair to remove it entirely, if hair is too long, then you run the risk of just breaking the hair off at the surface or topical layer), clean tools (dirt, bacteria, even oils lingering on the surface can clog pores, causing issues with new/growing hairs from fully surfacing), and even with the use of proper cleansing and prep products.

Re: Perfect eyebrows?

Hi Lovebaking123 Lylysa gave you some good advice.  Tweezing is really no worse than any other hair removal methods, but if you are getting your brows threaded you will need to grow them out to a certain length.

I agree with using a product to hide the stray hairs, however since you have a tan skin tone High Brow probably wouldn't be the best choice. That would look chalky with your coloring.

I recommend trying Anastasia Brow Duality in Shell.  The tone is much more neutral, so it will look a lot more natural.

Re: Perfect eyebrows?

Ooo, I didn't know Anastasia came out with a warmer pencil! I know they had one similar to High Brow, but it didn't feel as rich, but yay for more variety now in tones!

Re: Perfect eyebrows?

Thank you so much! I will have to pick this up next time I go to Sephora. 

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