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Pantone color IQ


    I just received my pantone color IQ number as 3y06 and salesperson emailed me some of my foundation matches. I was wondering how to use the color IQ number to find foundation matches that were not included  on the list she sent me.


Re: Pantone color IQ

Just look ip color iq in the search bar, enter in your number, and every color match will come up! You can also go up and down one shade, which can be super useful! Say you get matched in the summer, you can go a shade lighter and find the shades that match you!

Re: Pantone color IQ

Hello maybe you can help me as well?  I went to a Sephora salon 2 days ago and got a Panatone IQ .  My number is 2R07.  When I do a product search only foundations come up, there are no concealers in the lot.  Is there a way to use my IQ # to find a concealer?  Right now, I am trying Nars - custard - it is on order.  

I wanted to go with L Mercier but it was not in the store location.  

Re: Pantone color IQ

This works, except not all brands are listed in the search results.  I think that is what is frustrating some of us.  Is there any way to see all products?  Or, to look up a specific brand, type in our Color IQ, and get the proper match?  Thanks!


Re: Pantone color IQ

The color IQ only gives us our exact match for our number, which is why some numbers have limited results. If a product doesn't show up for your color IQ, it means they don't have a shade that will match you. You could always guess and go for something that's close, but according to IQ standards, it won't be an exact match. 

Re: Pantone color IQ

Hi Ruela,


glossyguru has provided you with excellent advice! That's all that you have to do to get a wide range of products that cater to your skintone. 

Whimsically yours,

Re: Pantone color IQ

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