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Pantone Color IQ

According to the Pantone Color IQ, my skin tone is 2Y05.  Can someone interpret this result?  I've always thought that my skin is more pink toned than yellow toned, but does the "Y" stand for Yellow?  Also, my foundation matches seem to be a lot darker than what I would normally choose.  Is this common?  Thanks!

Re: Pantone Color IQ

Hi misslorrie,


Since the Skincare IQ is only available in stores right now I'd recommend you contact your local store back to get a more detailed description of the color ranges and colors they recommend for your tone. Smiley Happy

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Pantone Color IQ

I'm checking this out briefly online. Have never been IQed by the Pantone Color system built for Sephora.

From what I can tell, they have the system split up into Ys and Rs, which probably do mean red or yellow undertones. I just found this link through teh Pantone site that may help you interpret:

They also have a method for averaging out your skin colour by having you capture three photos of different parts of your face and neck. Did you try that out?




Re: Pantone Color IQ

Thank you for the advice.  The girl who took the reading on my skin only used the device on my jawline.  I never thought to ask if she could also take a reading on my neck as well.  I guess it's back to the store for another reading.  Smiley Happy

Re: Pantone Color IQ

Hey there!
Ya, it says on the webpage she should've used it in three distinct places that get different amounts of sun so that they can average out the colour.

Besta luck!

Re: Pantone Color IQ

Ooh I wanna do it!  Is it going to be available in all stores?

Re: Pantone Color IQ

I was the exact same skin tone and the foundations did seem really dark to me as well! Although I tried the Lancome foundation in Buff 4C and it did seem to match pretty well, although a bit darker than what I'm used to. On the site, you can choose one shade light to see what foundations are matched with 2Y04. Planning on trying some of those out. That may help. 

Re: Pantone Color IQ

Sometime in July I went to the store to buy the same brand foundation that I been using except this time I use the color IQ to tell me which color I should use. The color it suggested me was one shade off than what I normally will wear for the winter. Anyway, being skeptical about it I asked them to try it on my skin and it looked okay on it. But after purchasing it and used it the next day I immediately can tell that it didn't look natural on me and my friend point out that it looks like I have a layer of something over my face.  


Bottom line is I don't think this skin IQ is very accurate. I think the light they use in the store next to the makeup table effects the reading of the skin IQ. Anyway, I have to drive 1hr back to the store to exchange it back to my prefer color.

Re: Pantone Color IQ

@Miss Lorrie: It is possible to get different results from Pantone Color IQ depending on where they take the color readings from. Also, yeah, it's true that they were supposed to take reading from three different areas, and then average it out to one color. If they only took a reading from one area, you should ask to have it done again. The first time I was matched with Pantone Color IQ I got 1R06 which I thought was kind of funny because my complexion is really warm (I know I have a warm undertone for sure) and light. The three readings were only taken from my face though, and I had some pimples/redness at the time. I recently had it done again though and had readings taken from my neck, jawline and face on the mid cheek area, and it actually averaged out to 3Y04. (This time my complexion was a lot more clear too.) Those colours turned out to be great for me. Smiley Happy So yes, I think that using Pantone Color IQ is a great way to find your best foundation matches, but you have to get readings from areas that best represent your actual skin tone, and there are some things that can possibly throw the result off like pimples or freckles. If you have freckles and they hit the freckle colour you can end up with a result that's too dark too, and possibly too yellow.

Re: Pantone Color IQ

HeYyY Beauties!


Is it possible that powder foundation and liquid foundation has a different Color IQ? 

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