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PTR anti aging cleansing gel drying?


I took a sample of PTR anti aging cleansing gel.I have combinational oily skin with blackheads and clogged pores.It seems to helping in clearing pores but making my cheeks dry at same time.Any suggestions?


OR any alternative cleanser that can do same job without drying cheeks

Re: PTR anti aging cleansing gel drying?

How often are you using it and what cleanser were you using before/normally?


The use of alpha and beta hydroxy acids might be a bit much if your skin isn't used to such powerful and effective chemical based exfoliants. Trying using it just once rather than 2x a day and at night, even using it every other night or every third night.

Re: PTR anti aging cleansing gel drying?

Thanks lylysa for the great tips! I was just going to suggest decreasing the use of it so her face won't feel too dry. Smiley Happy  The tricky part with combo skin is finding that perfect balance for each area of the face and making sure the whole face feels comfortable.


@Alkapassi what type of moisturizer are you using on your skin after cleansing?

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: PTR anti aging cleansing gel drying?

I use it once a day followed by boscia clear complextion moisturizer.Which cleanser/moisturizer should I use on everyday basis ?

Re: PTR anti aging cleansing gel drying?

Boscia's Black Detox Cleanser would be a good daily cleanser to use, the gel formula would break down oil well and it uses charcoal to draw out excess oils and to help purify skin, helping to diminish the development of blackheads.


They have a trial kit with items, try incorporating a lotion with SPF during the day so your skin is protected from the elements, especially when you're using stronger ingredients/products. Boscia's Oil Free Hydration with SPF 15 is super light weight, if you want some lotions to help mattify, try Murad's Oil Free Mattifier SPF 15 (also helps clear skin) or Peter Thomas Roth's Clini Matte SPF 20 (also helps minimize the appearance of pores).

Re: PTR anti aging cleansing gel drying?

Is PTR clini matte SPF 20 good for combinational skin?

Any exfoliator to use with it ?

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