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Overly due THANK YOU to Keystone Crossing!

I haven't been on BT in several months. I had a problematicexperience and vowed not too return. I'm EXTREMELY glad I did, as the cast members were extremely professional and helpful, while I was at the location to "unbecome" a customer, VIB, the whole 9 yards. I've got to say,to the DM Jamie, you kept my business, as well as, keeping me looking forward to seeing Kristen, Liz, & Kristen. They're the absolute BEST! I look forward to seeing them on my trips,v as they demonstrate the most helpful and professional demeanor!

Thanks for letting me vent, and having a fantastic team that leaves new smiling!

Re: Overly due THANK YOU to Keystone Crossing!

Thanks for letting us know Canseethruu!  I will gladly pass this on to the store and DM Smiley Happy

Re: Overly due THANK YOU to Keystone Crossing!

That's so awesome!


I'm glad you're back and that Sephora along with its employees were able to help you come back around!


It's tough in the retail world sometimes, and to be honest, there's not enough sharing of good experiences like what you've had! People always seem to want to speak up only when things are bad that we forget it's so wonderful to praise and acknowledge the positive!


Thanks for sharing, Canseethruu!!!

Re: Overly due THANK YOU to Keystone Crossing!

Thank you for the positive response lylysa! I worked in retail management for 10 years, and I should've not waited this long to right my vocal wrong. I feel better about the situation and just wanted everyone to know that, no matter what, it's always going to be able to be resolved. I was at (and still am) at a very physical painful point in my life, but I should NOT have voiced my negativity across BT. Contacting the DM should have been my stopping point. I feel terrible about it. When I walk into Keystone, ironically, I feel more welcomed and at ease. I truly enjoy working with that level if professionalism, which in turns demonstrates my, ummmm, will and negativity. I can't use the word I want to, but, I'm sure you get it :-) GREAT CAST MEMBERS @ Keystone! 

Re: Overly due THANK YOU to Keystone Crossing!

Welcome back! I had some terrible experience over phone/email and some good some bad instore, but BeautyTalk is always a good place to be.



Re: Overly due THANK YOU to Keystone Crossing!

Thank you beautytester! Its so nice to be welcomed back! I look forward to having positive conversations here :-)

Re: Overly due THANK YOU to Keystone Crossing!

I find it to even be a harder blow at times for anyone who has worked in the customer service world or aspect to get horrible service to the point of outrage or anger. Often times I think people can be so caught up in their own lives that they forget when they're in their work place or have their job title on, it's no longer all about them. Sometimes just taking a second to breathe and realize the priority is to help someone else puts things in perspective and that's when they can truly be gracious and lend themselves fully to the task at hand and really make someone's day.


Though I have a ton of horror stories from the times I've worked retail/customer service, I also have lots of positive memories of just being able to help someone and answer their questions or help fix an issue.


Beauty Talk is a great avenue to voice what matters to you and to also feel like you're being heard. All the Mods here are so helpful and caring, they make you feel like what you have to say matters so that's a huge plus!


We're glad to have you back on BT in a positive way and in stores! Smiley Very Happy




Re: Overly due THANK YOU to Keystone Crossing!

Thank you for your kindness and understanding!  Everyone on BT is so great....I have missed the community of empowering women and men =)

Re: Overly due THANK YOU to Keystone Crossing!

We're glad your back, you still have a place here with us always!Smiley Happy

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