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Old Hollywood Glamour Event Look

     I'm getting prepared for an event, much like a ball, a couple month away, and I am determined to exude the classic, Old Hollywood elegance and glamour of Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn. I have a pretty extensive makeup collection, as I do theater makeup and fantasy looks for local photo shoots; but I'm curious what products you all would recommend, as I seldom do a totally matte look. I want to look like I stepped straight out of "Rear Window" or "Roman Holiday" or "Breakfast at Tiffany's" or any of those classic movies. What do you suggest?

Re: Old Hollywood Glamour Event Look

Do you have any preference on whether you're wanting suggestions to work with brands that are primarily theater/artistry grade or more so brands available to mass consumers like those sold in Sephora/department stores since you mention a background in theater make up?



Re: Old Hollywood Glamour Event Look

I just want to hear what everyone else recommends. I do have a great deal of Urban Decay, Tarte, Stila, Smashbox, Make Up For Ever, and, more recently, some Kat Von D in my kit, though, if that tells you anything about my tastes. For this event I would prefer makeup that will stand up to photography/HD photography if possible, though. 

Re: Old Hollywood Glamour Event Look

Gotcha, I just wanted to clarify, as far as maybe there might be something already in your kit to work with rather than suggestion something new to go out and purchase.


For retail brands in Sephora/department stores to get the matte, full coverage look where skin is flawless but soft and diffused, I would suggest MUFE, Kat Von D, and Smashbox. MUFE's Velvet Mat is a clear choice, but if you have the HD foundation you can top it off with their HD silica powder (let me know if you've never worked with this before, there's some info that will help yield best results during application and wear) or their Pro Finish powder which is multi-use (this product does oxidize, so be sure to get a shade slightly lighter than your true match). Kat Von D's Lock It foundation gives full coverage with very little effort, so this will minimize the likelihood/chances to build up or layer too much product. Smashbox is a camera friendly brand and their Studio Skin foundation gives a natural finish, but can be matted down with powder or a silica based finishing powder to ensure skin isn't weighed down by product but still gives a smooth look and finish.


Aside from that, if you have theater/artistry grade brands in your kit or would like to check into some, I would suggest looking into brands like Gratobian, RCMA, and Cinema Secrets.

Re: Old Hollywood Glamour Event Look

I have the Kat Von D Lock-It foundation in three colors, actually (so I can use it year round and then use the darker shades to contour for a more natural look), the Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer, and I believe I still have some Make Up For Ever HD finishing powder left over from my last shoot. And when it come to theater/artistry makeup, I adore Kryolan, but I don't have much of it because I enjoy the Sephora perks that come with purchase, especially since I'm still going through my schooling.

Re: Old Hollywood Glamour Event Look

That's good to work with, the key with any old time, Hollywood look is achieving the matte finish, but not having the skin look dry or harsh.


The HD powder will help to set, softy mattify, and diffuse the look of imperfections on camera which is why it's a staple in my personal and client kit. I like powders (pressed or loose) that are micro/finely milled to leave next to no tell-tale trace of application.


Re: Old Hollywood Glamour Event Look


One day I had to do five different looks on the same model for shooting, and we only had six hours or so, including camera setup and all that jazz. That powder was a lifesaver for me, because the model had a naturally shiny face, and I didn't have much time to address it (I don't even know HOW many props they had her shoot with. I was lucky if I got 30 minutes to create a whole new fantasy look, including new hair dos and costume alterations.) Whenever her shine started to show through under the lights, just a little more powder and she looked flawless. I love that stuff.

Re: Old Hollywood Glamour Event Look

Just be sure to never over do it, when silica powders build up too much or get layered over sweat, it doesn't read so pretty on camera. Smiley Sad



Fan brushes/stippling brushes are great for applying it to keep things light and not heavy handed.


If you're ever looking for tinted versions of a good HD powder, Cargo's Blu Ray/High Definition powder is awesome! Super smooth and also plays nice with cameras.

Re: Old Hollywood Glamour Event Look

OOH, those pictures are unfortunate. Smiley Sad I always applied a very small quantity and double checked its appearance on the camera after every touch up to ensure the makeup looked just as it should. I was very careful, as HD cameras notice EVERYTHING, as I'm sure you know.


And I've never tried a tinted HD powder before. What difference does it make on camera?

Re: Old Hollywood Glamour Event Look

There's not too much of a difference between the Cargo and regular/translucent HD powders from my experiences, but before HD powders launched I was using the Cargo ones with a fan brush applied like you would the powders now. They come in 4 colors so it was just a matter of picking one that suited the skin type and since they were applied sheer it didn't need to match 100%.


The Cargo ones are nice for every day wear if someone wants to add some more coverage to say a tinted moisture or BB/CC cream (or even a light coverage foundation) without using an actual powder foundation or building up on cream/liquid layers. Smashbox's HALO powders work similarly, they're tinted, but bridge a happy medium between a slightly tinted finishing/setting powder and a lighter weight powder foundation. They have the shaver dial dispense system so you have turn the dial a little for a finishing amount or a bit more to add coverage on lighter weight complexion products.


I go back and forth with the Cargo and Smashbox for my every day wear. If I'm going out/dressing up more so I'll still top them off with a HD powder and never had issues with layering and how it translates on camera.

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