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Old Hollywood Glamour Event Look

     I'm getting prepared for an event, much like a ball, a couple month away, and I am determined to exude the classic, Old Hollywood elegance and glamour of Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn. I have a pretty extensive makeup collection, as I do theater makeup and fantasy looks for local photo shoots; but I'm curious what products you all would recommend, as I seldom do a totally matte look. I want to look like I stepped straight out of "Rear Window" or "Roman Holiday" or "Breakfast at Tiffany's" or any of those classic movies. What do you suggest?

Re: Old Hollywood Glamour Event Look

Awesome, thank you very much. Smiley Happy I'll look into those and see what happens. Coverage without build up is always a plus.

Re: Old Hollywood Glamour Event Look

You're welcome, HALO can be pricey, but it packs a lot more product than traditional pressed compacts, plus you can snag smaller versions in their kits, the one below is available in 4 shades and is $29 (regular/single HALO is $59):

Smashbox - Try It Kit: Halo + BB


You can always look up on Amazon and other retailer sites for just the mini powder sold on its own if you fall in love and want to build your kit up with them.

Re: Old Hollywood Glamour Event Look

Thick brows, red lip and winged liner are very classic for that time

Re: Old Hollywood Glamour Event Look

Rear Window is one of my favorite movies -- for the movie itself, but also because Grace Kelly's wardrobe was phenomenal. If you haven't found a dress yet, I always advocate actual vintage (though it can be expensive and tricky to buy -- if you are considering this, be sure to read a quick guide beforehand). If you like the look of a vintage dress, but you prefer a new one, stores like ModCloth are great (ModCloth sells both true vintage and vintage-inspired). The first two dresses are from there, the third is true vintage from a store called Concetta's Closet on Etsy: 



For hair and makeup tutorials, I would search for YouTube tutorials -- some are very good and easy to follow! Smiley Happy


Re: Old Hollywood Glamour Event Look

Actually, I shop both those stores regularly, and vintage hairstyles are one of my specialties (all through high school we kept doing shows like "Hairspray", "Thoroughly Modern Millie", and "The 39 Steps", and I'd do hair and makeup for half the cast.) When it comes to the dress, I'm actually using genuine vintage fabrics and having a dress made to look like the dress from "Rear Window" with the black, v-neck top and full, ballerina-esque skirt (though mine will be floor-length). My day-to-day makeup is vintage-inspired, it's just not PURE matte vintage, and supplies for that are what I'm looking for.

Re: Old Hollywood Glamour Event Look

Ooooh I would love some pictures! I adore vintage fashion, hair and makeup.

Re: Old Hollywood Glamour Event Look

For matte shadows your could try:


Lips: in either Dragon Girl or Cruella if you want a matte red look.


If you want more of a natural hued matte try in Lolita. Something natural would probably exude more of the Audrey feel than the Grace Kelly one.


Maybe skip the winged liner, or at least make it small, I feel it leans a little more 50s, and focus on making your eyelashes look AMAZING. Try some falsies, nothing too thick or heavy looking.


If you have sparse brows, fill them in with a pencil to look natural but well defined.


If you have some sort of HG natural pink blush use that, maybe with some light contour because these ladies have amazing cheekbones.


Honestly I think your hair and wardrobe is going to be the most important part in the look since Hollywood glam makeup hasn't changed too much. Red carpet looks today still exude that old Hollywood glam.

Re: Old Hollywood Glamour Event Look

Thank you for the links and specific products! That's really what I need. I know how my eyebrows and cheeks should look and how to apply and all that jazz, I'm just really looking for your favorite products to achieve that look. I'll definitely take a look at your suggestions.

Re: Old Hollywood Glamour Event Look

@Lalagirl1995 yeah when you mentioned that you do makeup already I figured you'd know what to do look-wise. Sorry I can't be just a little more specific, a lot of the products I use are either LE or discontinued so what works for me usually isn't even available! Smiley Sad


I think you should check out Besame Cosmetics, all of their makeup is vintage inspired.

Re: Old Hollywood Glamour Event Look

I've never heard of Besame Cosmetics, but I'll definitely look them up. Anything vintage-inspired is fantastic. Smiley Happy And that always happens to me as well! My favorite ever lipstick shade was Clinique Poppy Love in their butter shine lipsticks, and within a year of my falling in love, they discontinued it. I bought, like, three, but I'm coming to the end of my last one. Smiley Sad

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