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Oily, acne, aging skin

I'm 39 years old and have very oily adult acne prone aging skin. I recently have been very worried about looking older, but am afraid that anti aging products will break me out more. Is their anything I can use for my oily, acne, aging skin? Please help!

Re: Oily, acne, aging skin

Re: Oily, acne, aging skin

I'm a little younger than you, but have the same issues and have had for quite some time.  I've been able to use anti aging products since my early twenties and those products have never contributed to my breakouts, it's always been bc I didn't wash my face and slept with makeup or I picked and made it worse, but anti aging products haven't been a factor for my adult acnE issues.  I finally have the acne under control, after a few visits to a fabulous dermatologist...she prescribed me an anti biotic of some sort that I take daily, and I use the face wash that they sell in the office.  Combined with the Clarisonic, my acne is totally under control.  As far as anti aging, I use products with retinol and caffeine, my current fav is Ole Kenriksen, but I also use Clinique and Murad.  I can't say I'm loyal to any one brand of anti aging products.  I would recommend a start at the derm office and go from there.  The Clarisonic also helped bc it really gets ur face clean and helps with pores and makeup being clogged.  I didn't want to spend the money initially but I waited for a sale and bought it, and I haven't had one regret.  Definitely a good purchase.  

Re: Oily, acne, aging skin

Some good products for you are the:

1. Murad Time release cleanser

2. Murad claryfying mask

3. Murad acne and wrinke reducer

4.Murad anti-aging moisturizer


Hope this helps!


Re: Oily, acne, aging skin

In case my other posts don't make it really obvious, (lol), I am a Clinique believer!!  The product line is compartmentalized per skin issue/concern, and then within those groups, also addressed by skin type, (for the most part).  First, with the presence of acne, I'd be really careful to dive right into a Clarsonic or any other type of "physical" exfoliation, i.e. scrub, wash cloth, etc.  Acne is caused by hormones, thus oil production, (then trapped by dead skin cells), thus clogged pores, followed by bacteria growth which is then an inflammed and infected pore.  Physical exfoliation is only going to irritate that, (OUCH!!), and spread the bacteria.  I really, really see wonderful results in my skin when I'm commited to 3-Step of cleanse, clarify, moisturize.  My skin works as a healthy system, pores are clear, (and smaller!), skin is balanced in moisture and glowing.  From this healthy 'base' adding the appropriate treatment steps keep my breakouts under control, (Turnaround Concentrate syrum and Acne Solutions spot healing gel), and age/damage treatment and provention very well adressed, (Repairwear Laser Focus - syrum and moisturizers), without 'un-doing' the anti-acne progress made...good luck!! 

Re: Oily, acne, aging skin

Retinol is an effective anti-aging product that also helps to clear acne and even skintones. However, it is a bit drying (you are oily, so I guess no prob) and you should use a solid SPF during the day while using retinol at night. Peter Thomas Roth have a lot of good retinol anti-aging stuff. Murad have a couple of lines that have retinol in it, I think they are the ones other posters suggested.

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