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Oily Skin with Visible Pores



I have a few questions about what products I should use as my current facial products are coming to an end. First, I have to tell you about my skin. I have combination skin, mostly oily around my forehead, nose, and cheeks. I have visible pores on my nose (currently battling against blackheads and whiteheads). I'm currently using SkinFood: Fresh Apple Sparkling Pore collection. I love how it leaves my skin really smooth; however, my face still gets a little oily than I would like it to be. I tried other products before, which I really hate because it leaves my face really sticky afterwards and it doesn't help to control my oiliness as well as minimize my pores. I am planning to purchase the Clarisonic Mia2 Deep Pore Detoxifying Solution Collection because I heard so much good reviews about it. I am wondering about purchasing the CLINIQUE Great Skin, Great Deal - Combination Oily to Oily Skins; however, I am not sure if this collection would be better than the current products I am using. I want to know if it will leave my skin smooth and not sticky (like my SkinFood) as well as controlling my oiliness and pores. If there's any advice, please do tell. Also if there's is another facial collection other than this, feel free to tell me. Thank you.


Re: Oily Skin with Visible Pores

I used Clinique for over 20 years.  I suffered from very bad acne in my early teens and the Clinique 3-step rescued my skin.  I can't really say that I ever noticed a reduction in pore size, but I know they do have a few products designed to specifically address that concern.  I only stopped using Clinique a few months ago, after noticing that my skin was starting to feel overly dried out after cleansing (in all fairness, how many people can say that the skin care routine they used at 14 years old still works perfectly in their mid-30s).  I ultimately settled on Boscia after struggling with some skin sensitivity issues--I do have to say that I never had sensitivity issues with Clinique, and after having reactions to a few different brands, I realized how big of a deal that actually was. 

Re: Oily Skin with Visible Pores

Does Clinique leave your skin smooth unlike some other brands?

Re: Oily Skin with Visible Pores

It's hard for me to give a fair answer to that because I never had any basis for comparison.  I also regularly used a Clarisonic, which would increase smoothness in and of itself (before that I used exfoliating scrubs pretty regularly).  The one Clinique product that I distinctly remember for smoothness was their Turnaround Concentrate.  I absolutely loved how my skin felt when I used that along with the 3-step.

Re: Oily Skin with Visible Pores

Do you think I can use the Clarisonic Mia2 with the CLINIQUE Liquid Facial Soap?

Re: Oily Skin with Visible Pores

I used that as well as Clinique's foaming cleanser with my Clarisonic without a problem.

Re: Oily Skin with Visible Pores



I have been using that clear skin forever book that Glamthread did an article on as well. Getting pretty great results, I am kind of ditching the chemical based products right now due to allergic reactions!

Re: Oily Skin with Visible Pores

I have the same issue, same oily areas and large pores on my nose. I interchangeably use St. Ives Apricot Scrubs and Philosophy's micro delivery exfoliating wash followed by Perricone MD Intensive Pore Treatment and Murad's Oil-Control Mattifier. I also use biore pore strips twice a week. My skin has gotten SO much better after doing this routine for almost 2 years.  Both scrubs work AMAZING and leave your skin feeling super soft. The Perricone pore treatment helps control how much oil my skin produces. It doesn't really shrink my pores but I'm curious as to how it would work in adjunction to the pore minimizer, which is recommended but I didn't want to spend too much because pores will never "disappear," you can temporarily shrink their appearance but that's all. If you've got big pores then they will stick with you forever unfortunately.  As for Murad's oil control mattifier it is one of my holy grail items.  It was an impulse buy and even though it seems pricey at $40 for a small tube, it has lasted me a year and a half, using it every single day. A little goes a long way and i focus it only in my t-zone. If you're battling blackheads then I highly recommend the biore pore strips. I've used both the original and ultra and I suggest going with the original because they both seem to work the same and you get double for the same price. You can only use them every 3 days because it can damage capillaries in your skin if used in immediate succession.  After using the strips for a few weeks I noticed how clearer my skin felt and looked, and I struggle big time with blackheads.

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