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Nigh time skin care routine

I'm not the best at keeping up a night time skin care routine, but recently I've decided to revamp my whole routine so I went to Sephora and purchased Tarte Pure Maracuja Oil, Murad Acne Spot Treatment Cream, and Clinique All About Eyes Rich. In what order should I be applying these products? Also, I usually wash my face in the shower at 7pm, but don't get to sleep until around 11. Should I apply these products right after I shower/wash my face or right before bed? Lastly, are there any other products that are part of a nigh time routine I'm missing? Should I be considering a serum ? (My skin goals are to brighten my skin, prevent breakouts and soothe redness). Thanks for any help!

Re: Nigh time skin care routine

Sounds similar to what I use! I use a La Roche Posay spot treatment though - but I do use maracuja oil and the all about eyes rich. I do generally go ahead and do all this right when I get out of the shower in the evening around the same time.


First start by patting in your eye cream (always do this first). Then I spot treat with the acne spot treatment, and give it a few minutes to sink in. After that I will use my Clinique dramatically different gel - patting it over the face to not disturb anything I've already done. Then I pat the maracjua oil over the dry portions of my face around my mouth/cheeks.


Maracuja oil (passionfruit oil) in rich in vitamin c which can help brighten your skin. I do not use a serum at night yet since I alternate between benzoyl peroxide and retin A (which is sort of a treatment in itself). If you have dark spots/acne scars, what I will use at night - on occasion since its strong - is the Murad pigment lightening gel. They have one for acne and for pigmentation - I have the pigmentation one since it was a 100 pt perk but it works amazingly - and I use it rather sparingly. I believe the full size is a little pricey - get a sample in store and it will last you a looong time.


During the day I use the Ole Henrikson Truth Serum - and this is great! It can protect your skin from free radicals and works great under moisturizer and SPF. Also it helped to lighten my acne scars - yay! This may be something you could look into (or request a sample of) - I think you might like it.


Something that I do not use but am interested in getting for the fall/winter is the Kiehl's Midnight Concentrate serum - its a blend of oils for nighttime and apparently its soothing and smells like lavender. Very tempting!

Re: Nigh time skin care routine

Hi BellaKroll,


Great product selection!  I would apply them right after your shower, so that your skin can absorb everything while your skin is warmed up.  I have pretty much the same products as you & I apply my Murad Spot Treatment first on the desired areas, pat in the Maracuja Oil lightly all over & finish with my eye cream.  I would skip the eye cream in the day, but do the same with the other two products a few minutes before applying your makeup, to give it some time to absorb.  


You can add a serum to your routine also Smiley Happy  I would suggest trying something like the Peter Thomas Roth Camu Camu Power C to help brighten & even your skin tone.  Its a little pricey, but it worked amazingly with my acne & helped to even out old scarring Smiley Happy

Peter Thomas Roth - Camu Camu Power C x 30™ Vitamin C Brightening Serum


xo, Mia

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