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New Foundation? :)

I moved from Utah to California a month ago and now that I'm in much warmer weather my skin has drastically changed. I used to have normal to combination skin but now I'm getting more oily throughout the day while still having dry spots, if that's possible. It just seems like all of the foundations I've used before are becoming more 'cakey' in their appearance and thick in their consistency.


I want to try foundations that have a lightweight feel while still having some coverage, though not sure if that's possible Smiley Happy otherwise I'll just use concealer Smiley Happy


I'll go to a store soon but if I could have some recommendations in mind before I go that would be awesome!


Before I was using Mica minearal foundation, though I still felt it was somewhat heavy on my skin. I also used MUFE Mat Velvet and some drugstore options Smiley Happy


Re: New Foundation? :)

What type of coverage or finish are you looking for? Aside from the formula being lighter weight, give us some more info so we can make better recommendations.


MUFE's Velvet Mat will be fuller coverage with a matte finish, since you were using a mineral foundation before, did you want to stick with something mineral based?

Re: New Foundation? :)

I've found that fuller coverage foundations are getting to be too much for my skin since it is more sensitive now. I would like to try more mineral based products that have a natural finish or a satin finish Smiley Happy thanks for your reply!


Re: New Foundation? :)

Tarte is a great place to start since your skin is more sensitive, the BB cream Melissa recommended would be a key product to try out, their Maracuja foundation is also on the lighter side in formulation for an actual foundation and it's packed with conditioning and nourishing antioxidants to soothe skin.

Re: New Foundation? :)

lylysa, do you know if the Tarte BB cream is the same formulation as Smooth Operator? I love smooth operator but I think its been discontinued because I cannot find it anymore.

Re: New Foundation? :)

From my findings and comparing the ingredients list, it's a very similar formula, only the BB version is packed with some additional beneficial ingredients like vitamin A and sodium hyaluronate. I haven't tried out the texture of the BB version so I can't say whether or not they feel the same, but going off ingredient listings alone, it looks to be pretty close.


Amazon has a couple of shades of the original Smooth Operator available.

Re: New Foundation? :)

you are seriously so sweet. You didnt have to check the ingredients for me! I just was asking if you knew off the top of your head! I know some companies have just slapped new packaging on their own tinted moisturizers and now call them BB creams cause that is the new "in" thing Smiley Happy


I wish I could give you 10 hearts

Re: New Foundation? :)

Maybe try something like the Pro Finish foundation from MUFE.

Re: New Foundation? :)

Hi Taketheroses,


Have you ever tried the Tarte Amazonian Clay BB cream? It's oil free and has good coverage. It is also a water-based formula which will feel light on your skin. It contains soothing chamomile, vitamins A, C, and E.

<3 Melissa

Re: New Foundation? :)

is the Tarte BB cream the same formulation as Smooth Operator? 

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