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Need product suggestions for dry, cracked lips

I have horrendous dry lips all year long, not just in winter. It gets so bad that they crack and peel and then bleed and scab. I've tried tons of lip products that are supposed to help but nothing has cured me of this painful nuisance. Here is what I've tried:


1. Fresh Lip Scrub - I'm currently using this twice a day, and it has helped in sloughing off the dead skin that accumulates but it hasn't actually helped the source of the problem.

2. Fresh Lip Treatment

3. Dr. Lipp's Nipple Balm for Lips

4. Jack Black Lip Balm

5. Rosebud Salve

6. Burt's Bees lip balm


Numbers 2-6 are various lip balms I've tried that are supposed to be the best for dry lips but none have seriously helped the issue. I have no idea what causes my dry lips since I literally have this problem 24/7/365. I know several of the medications I'm on cause really bad dry mouth, so that's my best guess as to why my lips are so dry.


Does anyone have any suggestions for other lip treatments? I'm willing to shell out the big bucks for a true miracle product.

Re: Need product suggestions for dry, cracked lips

I really like the Aloe Vera Lip Treatment from The Body Shop. It's very rich and moisturizing, but not too greasy, and has a light fragrance. It's normally $9.50, but it looks like it's on sale! I'd check out the Body Shop Website if you're interested.


Re: Need product suggestions for dry, cracked lips

make sure you're wearing a balm or gloss that has SPF in it.  I used to have horrendously cracked, bleeding lips even when wearing lipstick until I realized I never used a product with sunscreen in it.  It took a couple of months, but with consistent exfoliating and SPF, they looked and felt MUCH better.  If you wear lipstick often, a good sunscreen balm is the LaVanila SPF 30 pot.  Doesn't feel sticky and lipstick and glosses go on well over it.

Re: Need product suggestions for dry, cracked lips

Bliss has the Fabulips Collection that comes with a cleanser, a scrub and a lip balm. You can research it to see if it is right for you. Hope this helps!

Re: Need product suggestions for dry, cracked lips

Thank you!

Re: Need product suggestions for dry, cracked lips

Hi lreagan,


Make sure you drink a lot of water! I love teas but they give me super cotton mouth and dry lips. No fun! I get very dry lips as well which makes wearing my fave nude or matte lip colors look terrible) but using a light exfoliator can help to remove dead skin cells in the meantime while we find a good lip balm for you!


Perricone Age Correct Lip Plumper is a good one for rejuvenating and hydrating properties

Perricone MD - Age Correct - Lip Plumper



Korres Lip butters are VERY smooth and non sticky, almost buttery with light hints of color


Lip Butter


and I love the Amore Pacific Moisture Bound Lip Treatment and Clinique Superbalms. SO smooth and hydrating!


Moisture Bound Lip Treatment Superbalm Lip Treatment

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Need product suggestions for dry, cracked lips

Like I mentioned in my post, I am using the Fresh lip exfoliant twice a day and it does help with removing the dead skin but it still doesn't help the underlying problem. Several of the medications I'm on have dry mouth as a side effect, so I don't know if that's why my lips are always so dry. I do drink a lot of water but I still have perpetual dry mouth.


Thank you for the suggestions!

Re: Need product suggestions for dry, cracked lips

I had that same problem till i used EOS lip balms!!


Re: Need product suggestions for dry, cracked lips

I believe that I have the same problem as you. Eucerin Aquaphor Healing Ointment works like a dream. No peeling, no cracking, no irritation, etc. Make sure that it is the ointment, however, and not the special formulation for lips (it's somehow worse? haha)

Re: Need product suggestions for dry, cracked lips

Thanks so much!

Re: Need product suggestions for dry, cracked lips

Way back when, before I really got into makeup and skincare, I used to have dry lips so flaky that a good guy friend of mine actually randomly gave me a pack of chapsticks LOL. Over the years I've tried a various array of lip balms. It took me a while to realize that what eventually helped my lips not crack and bleed is a lifestyle change. Because I have so many lip balms, I literally would find one everywhere -- in my bags, random pockets of my coats, various drawers around my house. I may be waiting for the subway and when I tuck my hands into my pocket only to find a lip balm inside, I would just use the lip balm. If I'm near a sink, I'd smear my lips with cold water, then apply the balm. Basically, I was increasing the frequency of applying lip balm. I believe this is what works for me. Now, sometimes when I put on lip products and it goes on smoothly, I still find myself being surprised that my lips are not flaky.


I know you may think it's a hassle to have to constantly apply lip balm, but I would suggest that you get fun flavors/scents that you like, so you would WANT to put on that fun, neon-pink Maybelline Babylips lip balm sitting on the bathroom counter everytime you pass by it. Maybe there IS a miracle lip treatment out there, but developing a habit of frequently applying lip balm is what works for me... I hope you find this a little helpful!

Re: Need product suggestions for dry, cracked lips

My issue definitely isn't with frequency. I have lip balm on my lips during the whole day. Whenever I feel it wearing off, I apply more. I just haven't found a product that really helps yet.

Re: Need product suggestions for dry, cracked lips

Yup, I gotta agree with Bumblee here.  How often are you applying these lip balms?  Frequency is the key.


I have the same, constantly cracked dry lips, they look gross and I have to use gloss instead of lipstick.  But when I started carrying Aquaphor with me everywhere and applied it practically every half hour during the entire day, my lips really improved a lot.  There is no lip balm out there that can cure your lips.  But if you apply something emollient and non-irritating (no fragrance or other irritating ingredients) frequently enough, you should see some improvement.


Aquaphor is seriously the best as a lowest common denominator -- zero irritation, no pigments to dry out your lips, totally inert-- I mean Aquaphor is what they put on burn victims.  I'd say try that one first just to get a baseline, then if you want to try one of the fancier ones later go ahead.  At that point you should be able to compare it against boring old Aquaphor rather than having nothing to compare against.

Re: Need product suggestions for dry, cracked lips

I apply lip balm all the time. I carry it with me in my purse. As soon as I feel it rubbing off my lips, I apply more. It's definitely not a frequency problem; it's just a matter of not finding a product that helps yet.


Thanks for the suggestion for Aquaphor! I've used it in the past when I got tattoos. I would have never thought to put it on my lips, though.

Re: Need product suggestions for dry, cracked lips

hmm, then possibly some of the ingredients in the lip balms you're trying are drying out or irritating the skin on your lips.  It's hard to predict because every person is different.  For me anything fragranced or with SPF is bad for my lips, no matter how nice it feels going on.


Things that haven't worked well for me:

L'Oreal Colour Riche

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15

Revlon Lip Butter

Clinique Almost Lipstick

Clinique Chubby

even EOS doesn't make my lips soft, but at least it doesn't actively dry them out


Things that have worked well:

Aquaphor is by far the best

Smashbox lip gloss

Bare Minerals 100% Natural

Korres Cherry Gloss

Clinique Superbalm

Re: Need product suggestions for dry, cracked lips

Ouch. It sounds like you've tried almost everything I have tried (Burt's Bee/EOS/almost all drugstore lip balms didn't work for me either but Jack Black did, I did notice that JB have expiration date of 6 month, and it was not as effective after an year). Since you mentioned drinking more water didn't have much effect, try coconut water (which is suppose to hydrates better for the same quantity) and a humidifier at home (if the air is dry).


Is your lip dry because stuff sinks in too fast so you have to reapply? or is it dry because it just sits on top while your lips still feel dry underneath? Some lip products are better at hydrating while others are better at moisturizing/protecting. You can try sesame/olive/coconut/argan oil for deeper hydration. Then seal it in or top it off with....mmm....the ones that you haven't tried but are good......Dior Rose lip balm (thicker than C.O.Bigalow/Smith rose salve), La Vanilla Healthy lip screen SPF30, and the AmorePacific/Clinique ones Diana suggested.


Good luck!

Re: Need product suggestions for dry, cracked lips

The stuff sinks in very quickly and I have to reapply immediately. I wake up and wash my face, and as soon as I'm done washing my face and brushing my teeth, I apply lip balm. By the time I've finished doing toner, moisturizer, eye cream, etc. my lips are dry again and I reapply a second time.


I'm going to look into both the Clinique and AmorePacific treatments, but I'm going to try Aquaphor first since it's the cheapest.

Re: Need product suggestions for dry, cracked lips

Oh if that's the problem, have you tried TokyoMilk Dark collection? It's thicker than almost all other balms and I can vouch for the yummy spot-on scent for Salted Caramel and it's def there still the next day (I apply generously at night). The texture does vary slightly among the scent, Salted Caramel is a safe bet and lylysa really liked her Rose one and it's $7 so not bad.


If aquaphor doesn't work, I would recommend trying TokyoMilk Dark in Salted Caramel or in rose, or the Dior rose one. If you have a problem with the jar/tin, just scoop some out into a sample jar and use it from there (it also keeps your larger jar more sanitary).

Re: Need product suggestions for dry, cracked lips

Nuxe Lip Balm!  I used to have the same problem and this is by far the most moisturizing lip product I've ever tried.  It's so rich you will probably only put it on at night, but it coats your lips and will actually stay put so it can work.  It's more like a paste than waxy balm.  It's expensive but I really think it will be well worth it to you.  No parabens and natural-ish too.  Do let me know if you try it.  


I also only wear lipglosses because most lipsticks seem to dry out my lips.  Currently I carry around a bite lip laquer and reapply often.   



Re: Need product suggestions for dry, cracked lips

I forgot to add..  

As Beautytester mentioned, Lavanilla spf 15 is very rich too.. you should probably try that for protection during the day.  It's much more moisturizing than Fresh spf 15.  

FWIW, I've tried 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, Korres, and Ren's lip balm (which I liked) .  But, I still find Nuxe to be the best.  


Re: Need product suggestions for dry, cracked lips

Like many have suggested Aquaphor is great.  Or try Vaseline Lip Therapy.  I have the same issue and I honestly am still trying to find a solution but these two are pretty good.  But watch out, these two don't have SPF so you can easily get burned which would be another issue you are dealing with.  It's happened to me when I went fishing all day and trust me...not pretty.  My lips blew up like a balloon.  As if I'm not self conscious about them already.  Try not to lick your lips at all or over exfoliate too.  It helps relieve the immediate problem but leaves your lips thin and sensitive and more vulnerable to getting chapped.

Re: Need product suggestions for dry, cracked lips

Not sure if someone mentioned this, didn't go thru all the posts, but my lips are ruthless, especially in the area I currently live in, the water is terrible (especially b/c I grew up by a freshwater lake!) so I feel that makes things worse...


I drink TONS of water and notice a bit of a difference. And by tons I mean 8-10 glasses, or like re-filling a big water bottle (I have a glass one that is 25 ounces or so) like 3 or 4 times a day....


I also randomly mix a bit of brown sugar granules and extra virgin olive oil in a tiny cup and rub that mix in the shower weekly or every few weeks...that has kept flakes at bay...

Good luck!

Re: Need product suggestions for dry, cracked lips

Try Blistex lip medex, or blistex deep renewal. It works wonders for me when my lips are so chapped that they hurt.

Re: Need product suggestions for dry, cracked lips

I live in WA and in the middle of winter, my lips have been super cracked to where they start to bleed. Nothing was helping for more than a few hours. I happened to be checking out products at MAC and picked up the lip conditioner ($15). Seriously the next day, my lips were super soft!

Re: Need product suggestions for dry, cracked lips

I feel for you!!  I thought my lips were bad, but yours sound like a horrible nightmare and must be very painful.  As a retired RN, I suggest that you make an appointment with a dermatologist.  You may have to go to your regular doctor, first, to get referred to a good dermatologist.  I don't know what medications you are on, but I've never heard of anything causing such a horrible problem to your lips, except for chemotherapy for cancer.  I strongly suggest you go to the doctor, first.  You need to rule out psoriasis or other auto-immune diseases that actually attack your own body.  I was just getting on this site to ask about my own dry lips, but I read your post, and the RN in me, got really worried about your condition.  Hopefully everything will be fine, but you NEED to see a doctor to find out what the underlying cause is!!  I hope I have given you good advice, and I pray that your lips get better!!  

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