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Need help!

I am looking for an exfoliator and/or peel for my sensitive and dry skin. The beauty consultant recommended Peter Roth Thomas peel gel for $48. I tried it in the store and liked it!! However, I am hesitant to purchase it b/s of the mixed reviews I have read online. Some says it's a gimmick and doesn't really fix/minimize the real problem. Others say it's worth the money. Also, I'm looking to buy a primer similar to Giorgio Armani Light Master Primer (but cheaper). I appreciate any advices and/or recommendations. Thanks!!

Re: Need help!

Try SAKURA's not in sephora. Just google it. Unfortuntely, it's not really mainstream or have a lot of reviews on it. But my professional makeup artist showed it to me and it's the best exfoliant ever! It's like a clear gel that you rub on your face and all this dead skin just comes right off and then you rinse with water. So simple. No smell, no burning, no redness after, super gentle, etc. I have sensitive and dry skin and love this product. I even got my boyfriend and male cousin into it and they are men! But they were really amazed with the product. Give it a try. It's also about $45 I think. It's a hidden gem.

Re: Need help!

Thanks for the recommendation! Where can I buy it?


Re: Need help!

Ah, I just wanted to tell you that I got Sakura Silk on your recommendation and it is awesome! Thanks!

Re: Need help!

I absolutely love REN's Gylcol Lactic Radiance Renewal mask. I have VERY sensitive skin and I can use this without any issues. The most I have let it set on my skin is for 20 minutes, so I would recommend not much longer than that (the package says about 10 minutes).


It is exfoliating as well as plumping, and you'll notice the biggest difference the next morning after you use it and apply your normal bed time serums and/or moisturizer. It's a holy grail product for me...


Re: Need help!

Hi Selahyang, 


I agree that you should look at the Ren GlycoLactic Mask, it has changed my skin and made it SO smooth and soft without being harsh or damaging to dry skin types:



The Caudalie Vinoperfect Enzymatic Peel Mask is also fabulous for sensitive skin types in a creamy and lightweight formula.




Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Need help!

Can I get a sample for these items before buying it?

Re: Need help!



You can request samples at your local Sephora Store!

<3 Melissa

Re: Need help!

I also have sensitive, dry skin and love the Caudalie Enzymatic Peel Mask. It feels like you're putting on moisturizer, except you wash it off ten minutes later. It's the only mask I've used that has not made my skin turn red or burn.

Re: Need help!

For primer suggestions that opt to being similar to the Armani one, check out:


I posted some options for you in your thread there. Smiley Happy


In regards to the peel, I say that if you find a product and try it and it works well for you, go off of your opinion and your take of it. There will always be mixed reviews if you search for them because everyone's skin, likes, and preferences are different. 


In regards to the PTR peel gel (I'm assuming you mean the Firmx one as it's $48 and there is no other "peeling gel"), the ingredients break down on being effective in the long haul. THe peel uses various sugars/extracts (pineapple and pomegranate) which are high in acidity to break down dead skin at the surface but also promote healthy cellular regeneration. Hitting on exfoliation on both topical and chemical aspects. Pomegranate is anti-oxidant rich, so you get vitamins A, C, and E, which protect and combat oxidative damage and free radicals which works against skin by breaking down collagen and elastin while also damaging cells to cause pigmentation problems as well. The gel also contains a humectant called sodium hyaluronate, and this particle helps bind 1000 times it weight in healthy moisture pulled from the atmosphere to properly balance and hydrate skin without making skin feel heavy or greasy. Keratinase helps to accelerate the break down of dead skin at the surface, helping to maintain an even surface.


If you're looking for other options, check into Kate Somerville's Gentle Exfolikate. The formula uses gentle microbeads (for a physical sensation of exfoliation and to tackle excess surface skin), while using papaya and pumpkin enzymes, along with orange extract (vitamin C rich), lemon extract, sweet almond, vitamin A, sage, and geranium to give that chemical based exfoliation and help with evening skin tone and texture while also helping to soothe and ease sensitivities.

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