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Need help with Kat Von D makeup <3

HI Everyone! Could you recommend the best shade of Kat Von D's Blush for me? I have medium/tan skin with yellow undertones, darkbrown/red hair, hazel eyes and dark eyebrows. Also, I need a good dark color of Kats lipgloss or lipstick. Any suggestions? Thanks so much! <3  Also, what are recommended KVD liquid lipstick. Smiley Happy   SORRY, I made a mistake in my original post, but I corrected it.

Re: Need help with Kat Von D makeup <3

#58 in the Kat Von D foundation is the best match for you.


For lipstick colors in the painted lipstick- Homegirl

Lipstick in the Foiled collection would be - F.T. W. or Oh my Goth

In the Foiled love liquid lipstick the darkest I see is Hellbent which is a deep maroon red.


Hope this helps!

Re: Need help with Kat Von D makeup <3

Thanks ladies! Smiley Happy


Re: Need help with Kat Von D makeup <3

Hi Dori1965, 


I agree that medium #58 would be your best match in foundation since it has the same pink undertones you have on your skin. Test it out first since the colors are very pigmented and once they oxidize (are exposed to air) they will darken!



And for a good dark shade of lipstick? Try the Painted Love in "Rosary" or "hellbent" which are both beautiful red tones.



Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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