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Need help making a skincare routine for my man

Lately, my boyfriend has been kind of curious about my skincare routine. He's tried bits and pieces, such as a Korres sleeping facial sample I had, some good quality face wash, etc. He definitely notices a difference when he dabbles with my skincare, so he wants me to help him build a routine. 


I'm thinking of at least a cleanser and moisturizer. Possibly a moisturizer for day, and a hydrating one for night (especially since it's very dry here this time of year). He is extremely regimented about his shaving routine, so I think he'd follow something simple like that. 


The thing is, his skin and mine are totally different. He's pretty fair, with combo to dry skin. So I'd like some suggestions from you all. Ideally, I'd hope to find products that are high quality, yet reasonably affordable and that are suitable for dry skin. Bonus points for gender neutral or masculine scents.


Any suggestions?

Re: Need help making a skincare routine for my man

Basic skin care routine:

Boscia Purifying Cleansing Gel

Josie Maran 100 percent Pure Argan Oil

REN Frankincense Revitalising Night Cream


The boscia cleanser states it removes makeup & it does so if your man works in a shop or dirty places it will remove all the buildup. It's moisturizing & light scented.

I don't know a lot of guys who put moistruizers on during the day so I opted for the argan oil which can be used as a daily moisturizer and has no smell.

The REN nightcream smells very masculine and is hydrating.

Re: Need help making a skincare routine for my man

I'm not sure he'd go for oil over moisturizer, but I'll look into your suggestions. Thanks! Smiley Happy

Re: Need help making a skincare routine for my man

My boyfriend is a skincare fanatic, his favorite brands are:


Peter Thomas Roth (dragon's blood is his HG), Jack Black, and L'Occitane.


In my opinion, guys seem to love two things: anti-aging and eye cream.

Re: Need help making a skincare routine for my man

Clinique has a skin care line for men.  All of their products are very reasonably priced.

Re: Need help making a skincare routine for my man

For spf moisturizers, the popular ones that guys talk about are Jack Black and Neutrogena. For cleanser, Anthony logistic. If he has dry skin, then L'occitane shea butter moisturizer for night.

Re: Need help making a skincare routine for my man

Hands down, one of my favorite facial washes is Anthony Logistics' Glycolic Facial Wash. I cannot count the times I've recommended it for men and women. The formula itself is very basic, no super long list of ingredients you can't even begin to pronounce, it's packed with vitamin C enriched glycolic acids (fruit enzymes, also referred to as alpha hydroxy acids, which break down dead skin, promote healthier cellular regeneration, and keep skin tone even), vitamin A (another anti-oxidant with anti-aging properties), and soothing ingredients like aloe, chamomile, and calendula. This is especially great for guys because the addition of glycolic acids to keep skin smooth and even will help combat and soothe ingrown hairs. There are no synthetic fragrances and colors, parabens, or harsh sulfates (detergents and lathering agents that provide the foamy pay off).


The formula itself has a gel-lotion consistency, making it great for combination skin types. It's not a thick cream that will take long to break down oil and it's not just a gel which might not provide enough moisture to skin.


You get a lot of product for your buck (8 oz for $21) considering you also only use about a dime sized amount of product (no more than a nickle size) and it's gentle enough to use daily. A bottle on average will last me 5+ months, I've gotten my boyfriend to use this too and we share a bottle and it still takes forever for us to go through one.


The scent is a faint citrus/orange like fragrance, it's clean, not sweet or lingering.


Anthony Logistics For Men - Glycolic Facial Cleanser


If he's looking for a nice lotion, I would suggest Jack Black's Double Duty Face Moisturizer SPF 20. I love that it has a higher SPF and it would provide UV protection for his fair skin without weighing it down or making him feel heavy or greasy. There are no synthetic fragrances, but has a clean, marine botanical scent that comes natural from it's ingredients.

Jack Black - Double Duty Face Moisturizer SPF 20


JB also makes a great nourishing facial and hair oil that can be used in a multitude of ways from pre-shave oil, shaving oil (if thick, opaque creams/gels are too drying or block the field of vision of a clean shave/where to stroke with the razor), post shave/facial hair conditioner (helps soften facial hair), on hair (a slight dab to tame flyaways or adding a fine amount to freshly showered locks for conditioning and slight shine), as a moisturizer (can be used as is and lone or add a drop or two into your face lotion to boost its moisturizing benefits). It can even be mixed in with body lotion or used on extra dry spots like hands, elbows, or feet. 


Jack Black - Epic Moisture™ MP10™ Nourishing Oil


These naturally derived, botanical based oils mimic the oils our skin naturally needs to stay hydrated and balanced. They're rich in fatty acids and antioxidants to improve skin's condition. Oils are used sparingly as a little goes a long way and are great as moisturizers or boosters for dry skin.


If he wants just a stand alone cream/lotion to use for night that's extra hydrating I would suggest Murad's Hydro Dynamic Moisturizer.

Murad - Hydrate for Hope

It's also rich in essential fatty acid based oils (it shares some common ingredients to the JB oil) and contains a humectant called sodium hyaluronate, which draws moisture from the atmosphere to bind it to skin. The above product image is Murad's contributing product to Breast Cancer Awareness. The regular 1.7 oz is $65, but the kit (lotion and pouch) is $49.50 and 10% of proceeds go to BCA. The texture has a whipped consistency, making it lighter in texture, but it packs a punch in the moisture department. It just won't sit on top and make your bf's skin feel coated. There's no sweet or girly fragrance, if anything it hardly has a scent at all.


Re: Need help making a skincare routine for my man

So amazingly helpful. Thanks!

Re: Need help making a skincare routine for my man

Hi Grilledchz,

I got my BF a Jack Black starter kit awhile ago, and now he's hooked!  He now has almost every product they make.  He especially loves the body wash!  Smiley Happy -Laura


Jack Black First Class Five Gift Set


Re: Need help making a skincare routine for my man

Hubby washes his face with the Jack Black cleanser and then moisturizes with the FAB Ultra Repair Cream.


P.S. He likes to shave before showering and washes his face in the shower.

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